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    possibly scammed?

    This one ****** scammer who i barely could interpret his typing says for me to confirm paypal payment or something like that.

    1. I don't use paypal. I HAVE A PAYPAL account, but I forgot the password, and verifiying won't work, and I'm not going to bother calling paypal customer service--I don't want to use paypal.

    2. What is this dumbass planning to do? Can he really send $ to my email address? How does that work?

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    Re: possibly scammed?

    My advice: close PayPal account. Since you do not remember PayPal password(I do not remember my either), call PayPal with your bank or credit card info used to open account and close it.

    He can not send $ to your email. He sends money to your PayPal account. You get payment notice in e-mail.

    If he really sent money to your account, you will have no choice but to contact PayPal. "Money" he would send will be from somebody's hacked account.

    Now I am going to go myself to see if I can close my PayPal account online.

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    Re: possibly scammed?

    Just closed my PayPal account. There is no need to call. Just ask them to mail you password to your email. Everything took 2 minutes.

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