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    Secret Internet marketing techniques?!

    While looking through some press releases, I came across this website www.megastake.com. It offers some secret Internet marketing techniques used by the pros. Looks promising…any ideas?

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    Re: Secret Internet marketing techniques?!

    Just a few hints:
    From their "blogsite":
    It was extremely great to hear that up to date there has been over 60.500 - yes, thats 60k visitors to our press release in only one day.
    Umm, 60,500 people in one day to read a self done "press release" via PRWeb ???
    I don't think so.

    Still in "Pre-Release" ???

    I joined a
    pro group of internet marketers who were doing sales and product
    launches for the Big Boys, the big brand companies who bring
    in money every single time.
    Unnamed marketers, bringing in unrevealed figures and selling for unnamed "Big Boys" ??? Right, that encourages me to send money to a Paypal account run by someone I don't know who uses an alias and a free "verizon" account.

    Find some publicity we got on the launch:
    Free publicity ?? You wrote your own press release and posted it on PRWeb, which exists to post free press releases. Hardly inspiring.

    And, they claim to never release your "email" information, and claim:
    Our list is safe with the most reliable company in the industry.
    Right, another unnamed company. What's the bet the names end up on every spammers mailing list from here to next Xmas ???

    Oh, and call me cynical, if you like, but I think you weren't really "looking through some websites". In fact, I think you're attempting a scam here, on an anti scam message board. Which also doesn't inspire me as to your cleverness level.

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    Re: Secret Internet marketing techniques?!


    I'm still pretty new at this...

    Any tips for starters for online marketing of my website?



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