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    SCAM: Island Events, Inc. in Deer Park, NY

    I started a new thread because the company changed its name and newer members might not be aware that this is actually the company Child Safety, Inc. Here is the thread that explains everything about the company:


    Also, check the DS-Max aftermath site in my signature. Will post more later.

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    Re: SCAM: Island Events, Inc. in Deer Park, NY

    Hey glen, sorry to be tardy to the party, but after having that run in with our pals this passed week I just had to get on here.

    Glad to see you've been spreading the word, we should probably make this thread available on the charity forum as well, since Vito and Co. also do a hell of a job railing NFP's as well as job searchers.

    To those of you who don't know me, I'm a former co-worker of Glen's who's also pissed off by the lies of DS-Max and their spin-offs. Glad to be able to vent with all of you.

    Also, as I was telling Glen a day or so ago I ran into some newbies who were being suckered in the other day and managed to set them straight. I let them in on what all of us already know and they're happily taking it back to their office with them.

    And that's one of the best ways to deal with a scam like this people, when you see guys out in the field being used like pawns, don't just ignore them, talk to them, feel them out and see how into the "business" they are. If you feel as though they're reasonable people then share some info with them, cut off the flow of people. Even though a place like this will always have people getting sucked in for interviews, showing field employees the light slows the office down, and if the office's sales slow down enough-the owner loses the business that he/she supposedly has total control over and gets put on "retrain" where they basically get busted down from owner to leader and have to go back out into the field and rebuild their team.

    Since the majority of the lifer's there are only in it for the "fast track" to owning a business and have pretty much had any true ambition and heart pounded out of them, they will mostly just fold at the realization that all their work was a waste (since the only people who really see this kind of garbage to the end are usually just naieve 20 year olds, air conditioning repair men or washed up morning dj's) you know, people who don't have the guts, imagination or will anymore to push themselves beyond a lifeplan that somebody else has laid out for them.

    And in the end, that's what this is really about. DS-Max takes people who aren't sure of themselves and who haven't fully developed the ability to take control of their lives the way adults are supposed to and basically says: "Hey we understand now that you're 'all grown up' you're supposed to make choices for yourselves, and we also understand that you're worried that you won't be able to do that yet and end up a failure. But don't worry, we'll offer you something that no one else will- a gaurantee that if you do exactly what we say, you'll be successful in life and won't have to deal with the possibility of failing because you made a mistake."

    That right there, in my opinion is what ropes the majority of the lifers in, the idea that all the scariness and lack of certianty that comes with working without a net can just go away and you can just mindlessly follow a pre-determined course to make everything ok.

    The guy who took me out on my day of observation described it as "The Oppertunity of a lifetime"- heh, hardly.

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    Re: SCAM: Island Events, Inc. in Deer Park, NY

    Child Safety started in East Hartford CT With LEster Smith who then moved down to SC as you I am sure know now is gone. Lester was promoted by Vito (even though they started at the same time- lester left and then came back to be under Vito) Vito promoted him to East Hartford and then Lester promoted out Larry Zeis and Christina Steele-Kurtin. LZ went to Westchester, and CSK stayed in E Hartford and changed the name to Community events. Community events has apparently now moved. I've recently gotten involved in this case again because I've moved back to CT from NYC and have run into a few tables along the way. Its sad to say this, but the owners come on and check this website often. Because after I left the company the owner of the office I worked out of started harrassing me and calling me and saying S#&! to me. I had moved on after getting into debt in the office because I would have to drive everyone all over because I had a SUV and no one would ever pay me for anything. What really hit the fan was when the owner admitted to not making any more that week and complaining in front of the entire office to a Mnger she just yanked back who was failing in Rochester. I believe that young lady is the only person there that started before me and is still not promoted out yet. CSK cant move up cause she cant promote because everyone reads these!!

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    Re: SCAM: Island Events, Inc. in Deer Park, NY

    Hi, I have run into these guys (Quantum Marketing, Community Events, Inc, and Christina Steele-Kurtin). I need some more information about them though. HOW are they a scam? What exactly do they do & do to their employees? CSK caught on to me catching on, so I wasn't able to spend a few days with the job to figure it all out, so I'm hoping that someone on here can let me know. Are the employees never paid? Are they roped into purchasing promotional materials? Do the proceeds really go to the charities? I feel that CEI and CSK are scams, but before I can actually say so, I need some more proof than just a hunch. Please help me out with whatever you can! thanks! :)

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