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    No affiliate link from me...here's why:

    This really does work. There's no question it works.

    However, there's a few things you need to realize
    before you jump in and pay this dude $300 plus $100
    per month:

    1. You can do this without him...it's easy. All you're
    doing is submitting videos to video hosting websites.

    2. Your website isn't going to get ranked in the top of
    the search engines. The sites you upload your video to
    will. Sites like google video, youtube, and yahoo video
    will get ranked highly.

    Yes, users will find your video on those pages, but they
    still have to watch the video, and like what they see in
    order to come to your site.

    3. You actually have to have a video here. You can't just
    have some garbage thing, that's not going to bring you
    traffic. You have to produce a video. Not an easy task
    if you're doing it for the first time (or for the 5th time for
    that matter).

    4. I personally wouldn't buy his program because I don't
    need to upload 100 videos per month to those sites.

    Neither do you!

    (well...ok, you might...but I doubt it. 100 videos is a TON!
    25 videos is a LOT. Who has time to produce 25 videos per

    5. If you're going to be creating videos for your own product,
    create a video, figure out how to upload it to a few of the
    video sites, and get on with your life. Each video after that
    is going to bring you marginal returns.

    100 videos per month???...ridiculous.

    Now, having said all this, creating videos and uploading
    to these video sites absolutely works. There's no question.

    But...on the other hand...

    So does doing a podcast and putting it into your rss feed.

    You'll see good rankings for doing that...and the rankings
    will actually be your own site, not google's.

    If you are serious about getting search engine rankings,
    you should absolutely do this.

    But, be warned: just like anything else that produces instant
    results, it's not going to last forever.


    PS. I know it's been a long time since I've sent a review
    about stuff. I've been super busy. I'm trying to figure out
    a way to allow other people to write reviews of things that
    I haven't seen or bought. If you have any ideas, let me know.
    There will be no affiliate promotions.
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    Re: Trafficgeyser

    Very good points skepdick, and I like the sound of your site - gotta check it out. I like a guy that doesn't sell their soul for a review which is usually nothing more than a rehashed Press Release

    Check this page - it has previously had cool bonuses and free trials which is how I got into it. http://www.traffic-geyser.org

    I think that the site is great IF you can consistently produce even just 1 video per month and obviously, it's going to benefit
    people which have more than 1 site


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