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    Bankers National Merchants ! 732-300-5228.SCAM!

    732-300-5228.Bankers National Merchants,New Jersey.SCAM
    We have lived in New Jersey for 45yrs.and ran a family owned business here for 25yrs..I am appalled by this lady who came off so nice an trustworthy, she told us by switching to her bankers national merchants we would save money on are credit card processing for the business..we are now stuck in the contract and paying more. Angela Davis you haven't heard the last of us ... I'm calling a attorney and the BBB!,,, you lied to us we trusted you! Scam!!!!
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    Re: Bankers National Merchants ! 732-300-5228.SCAM!

    this may be a scam. also you may wish to see if this outfit is OFFSHORE because several of the scams,esp credit cards,merchant accounts,etc have been run thru dubious banks in the Caribbean,eg Belize, Caymans, Bahamas, Nevis,etc. so see if they are an offshore outfit and it may be a case for the Feds. good luck sorry to hear you got scammed. :

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