Hi there,

My company fell a victim to one of these self called "IT specialists". I posted a job in the internet, we needed to send over 300.000 emails to opted-in USA consumers. I found one guy on freelance webpage, that made a good offer to us. He said that he is very professional and honest, also he had some positive feedbacks from his finished projects - that made me think that it is not a scam.

We agreed the price over Skype. Mr. Kaushik Majumdar from Kolkata (India) said to wire money to his bank account, so he can set up servers and start his work. Everything was fine until the moment, when it came to results. There were 0 calls from that campaign that was started with Kaushik in the first emailing week. When I asked him where are the results. He said that I have to wait one more month. It was pretty obvious that is a scam now, because email campaigns usually are showing results from day 1.

After this I kindly asked him to stop the campaign and refund the rest of money, as he done around "100k email sends" on that moment. So if he would be a honest person, he could refund at least 1/3 of the campaign budget. But he just disappeared after my words, and now he is not reachable any more.

Please, do not do any business with Kaushik Majumdar in order to avoid any scam. His email address is: sonarkaushik@yahoo.com

Scammer's Skype: sonarkaushik

Beware, colleagues!

With regards,
Trustful person