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    real estate arena...scam or not?

    i'd appreciate anyone's advice or input on this

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    On what exactly?

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?


    I have real bad feeling about this one.

    Registrant Contact:
    DJ McClendon ()
    Where did I see this guy?

    ===>> http://tinyurl.com/4rw64
    Donald McClendon Jr
    Questions? Call Me 860-415-0531
    Try our product FREE ==>> www.youwilldance.com

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    Wow, the fact that the site spells "realitors" wrong should be a strong hint that they don't know what they're doing. It's realtors.

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    The correct url for the site is www.Therealestatearena.com

    NOT .net

    The .net people are copying this site

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    Don't know what they're trying to sell - but "realtors" require a licence. They are required to "write the exam" in the state/province to obtain that licence for "that" area (in some areas they are required to take the course, as well - challenging the exam is not an option - $5000. minimum). It's not cheap - beyond that they need an agent - Remax, LePage, whatever.

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    I believe I have figured out how this works and it is definitely a SCAM!!!!! Run, don't walk to stay out of this one.

    This company tells people they can locate properties and receive money for doing so, right? In reality, here is what I believe happens.

    This locator becomes involved in the transaction and states that they are to receive a finder's fee. The agent or agents involved in the transaction are the only ones who are to be paid. The locator in order to receive his/her money tries to get the property appraised above fair market value so there is money on top so they get paid. An inflated appraisal is just plain fraud. So, if one gets paid its fraudulent and most times the agents involved are going to stop this kind of transaction ASAP. After all, they are licensed and could lose their license, be fined, and/or go to jail.

    So, run don't walk away from this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    Being that I'm one of the owners of Real Estate Arena I think it would be best to just give everyone my personal phone line. There seems to be a ton of ideas of what we do and most importantly what our members get.

    So if after reading everything you feel more confused then before you started, just call me directly and ask me anything you'd like.

    I look forward to your calls (404) 915- 9685

    Peter Vekselman

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    I currently work as a property locator in Philadelphia for an investment company. I locate properties and the office finds and researches the address to find the owner (in many cases the property is vacant). When we locate the owner we offer to buy there property for a discount rate. I also do this on the side for my self and it is realistic. The tools that they provide are good ones and the way you do it is you find and contact the owners and offer them the free service to find them an investor. If you are working with reputable investors they will sign and assignment contract. Plus you will be bringing them properties that are not listed so they will benifit from doing business with you. The web site does give you the tools to perform the job but you have to put in the work.

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    BBB report,
    Name: The Real Estate Arena
    Fax: (770) 888-3196
    Address: 1735 Buford Highway Suite 215-304
    Cumming, GA 30041
    Website: therealestatearena.com
    Original Business Start Date: May 2006
    Principal: Mr. Peter Vekselman, Managing Partner
    Customer Contact: Mr. Peter Vekselman, Managing Partner
    Entity: Corporation
    Incorporated: May 2006, GA
    Employees: 2
    TOB Classification: Real Estate, Real Estate Schools, Real Estate Services
    BBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited business.

    BBB Accreditation Status
    This company has been a BBB Accredited business since August 2006. This means it supports the BBB's services to the public and meets our BBB Accreditation standards.

    Program Participation
    This company has agreed to use special procedures including arbitration, if necessary, to resolve disputes through their participation in the following programs: BBB Accreditation Identification, BBBOnLine.

    Nature Of Business
    This company offer real estate services.

    Customer Experience
    Based on BBB files, this company has a satisfactory record with the BBB.
    Georgia Corporate license.
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science. -C. Darwin

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    In April 2007, I signed up for this program. I could not get my computer to set up the virtual office so that I could do the training. I have called many times to have this cancelled and this month they have taken another $19 payment from my bank acount.
    I warn all to THINK before ordering these types of programs. I am still working on cancelling this and won't give up until they stop and refund me my money as I have never been able to access their system.

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    I see their postings all the time ..They are essentially an online version of Carlton Sheets infomercials! Don't waste your time or money birdogging properties for someone else

    If you have that skill, locate properties for yourself & make all the money

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    Re: real estate arena...scam or not?

    I would like to address the issue of canceling your account. Directly on our site you will se the following links.

    Manage Your Account
    Change Your Password or Update Your Email Address
    Account & Billing Questions
    Request Account Cancellation
    Forgot Your Password?

    All that needs to be done is to hit the "Request Account Cancellation" link and your account gets automatically canceled. I apologize about the issue your are having.

    My name is Peter Vekselman, and if i can be of any further help please call me directly at 404-915-9685.

    Also, to address the spelling issue of "Realtors". The site you will see that is TheRealEstateArena.net. We are TheRealEstateArena.com. They are trying to copy our site. And we have no connection to them at all.

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