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Thread: Value Of Life

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    Value Of Life


    "First and foremost, a spiritual master teaches his disciples the
    science of life. But his disciples, who have no idea of the
    value of life, think: ‘What is this science? How to live? But
    who cares? How to predict the future, make talismans, protect
    oneself and find out about previous incarnations… this is what
    is interesting.’ And they waste their time reading books on
    occultism, or meeting with people who supposedly illuminate
    them. In the meantime, they neglect their life until, weak and
    disappointed, having found nothing they had hoped for, they
    begin to understand that they have missed what is essential.
    Yes, because nothing can equal or surpass life: not science,
    philosophy, occult powers or money. You must therefore protect,
    purify and illuminate your life, because thanks to it you will
    obtain true knowledge, true clairvoyance, true riches and true

    Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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    Re: Value Of Life

    And the point of this is? Reads like plagerized Marcus Aureluis.

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