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    Re: Modern History Of Israeli Conflict: Facts Anti-Semites Won't Face.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord~T~
    kazaam, you smell like swine, you son of a pig-eating dog :D Muhammed was a pedophile who smoked to much afghanie poppy dust :eek:

    oh, look. another hardened racist who cant back up his statements, why dont you pull your head away from pawn_star's c0ck and do something useful... like providing evidence which supports your statements.

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    Re: Modern History Of Israeli Conflict: Facts Anti-Semites Won't Face.

    Quote Originally Posted by pawnstar
    i am certain that you will become a target in here.
    there are a lot of pro muslim anti-americans here.
    you are not allowed to say good things about christians only good things about the mis-treated terrorists.
    Just because you are not anti-muslim doesn't make you pro-muslim same as just because you are not pro-christain doesn't make you anti-christian.

    In this country people have the right to freedom of religion. If they do something stupid in the name of that religion then they get thrown in jail. As long as my muslim gas station owner, neighbor or client doesn't start plotting killing me or my country men then I could care less what religion he practices.

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