LM, I am so sorry you have jsut a passion for control ..You worry over much and you CONTROL over all.

In closing you have shown you lie, and change your position on issues as much as a cheating politician.

You do not believe the bible in inerrant or infallible, which is the same thing as saying Jesus Christ is not all truth.

The word of God and the Person of Jesus Christ are the same. So, if you believe the word of God is not all true and believe Paul is prideful and could easily have placed his biased views in his writings of the epistles that is nothing less than out right blasphemy dear.

And you blaspheme the Name of Christ everytime you and Paul for that matter contend the word of God in the kjv is not in and of itself true anymore, than that is no different than saying Christ is not true anymore as well.

In closing those who name the name of the Lord read JOHN 1:1-18!!

This is a message to all The WORD OF GOD is who God is and to testify the word of God is not infallible and all truth is testify Against the Lord and is a False witness no better than a jehova witness who also changes the word of God into something else.

Let those in the Lord who really do know him consider this an exhortation to watch out who is among you to privly seek out dominance and authority over you, making you examples of ones who disagree!!

This type of moderating is not moderating, but it is a controliing power not of the Lord one serves, but of a brute beast who seeks only personal glory and dominance among you.

This forum I will tell you is controlled by a counterfeit spirit, and the Lord does not reign here at all but is represented as something much less the word of God is and the Spirit of the word of truth as well.