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    Getting paid to buy a BRAND NEW car and transfer it?

    So I was informed of this thing that seems too good to be true and want to know if anyone has heard anything about it.

    I didn't believe my friend when he told me about this because I can't see why or how someone would profit from this.

    Supposedly a company or person has a list of luxury cars they want - for whatever reason - and you have to find it at a dealership at the right price out the door with tax tag etc. You agree on a price with the dealership and the person/company sends you an official bank check for the exact amount. You walk into the dealer, sign all the paperwork, hand over the check, and drive the car home or to someone's house where you sign over the car as a transfer. Then you get paid a few hundred bucks.

    I can't see how this is legit, but from my understanding, some people have done it with a few cars and haven't gone missing or been arrested yet. My biggest concern is getting through the whole ordeal and then having a luxury car company knock on my door for a fraud check and I have no car and no way of repaying them.

    Is this a scam or is this a real way of making some easy money? The too good to be true radar keeps going off in my head.

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    Re: Getting paid to buy a BRAND NEW car and transfer it?

    Scam. You're given a bogus bank check, with which you purchase the car. You then sell the car. The bank check is discovered to be fake. The dealer looks to you to make the check good, and all you've got is the "few hundred bucks" and no car to give back to them.

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