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    Is Carfax foolproof?

    The owner of a sportscar just gave me the VIN to verify the status of the car. He's in Minneapolis and I'm in Seattle.
    The car checks out fine, as I figured.
    But could this be a scam still? I mean, he only needs to access another car matching the same description in order to sucker me.
    Could he possibly be impersonating the identity of a legitimate owner - name and all - to lead me to send him money for a car which is NOT really for sale?
    Does anyone have a similar experience or am I now paranoid?
    Should he do more to prove his rightful ownership?

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    Re: Is Carfax foolproof?

    This is one where I've been there, done that.

    I assume you've already spoken on the phone, and have some type of rapport with with seller. Simply explain to him that these are strange times we live in, and ask if he'd fax a copy of the registration and/or title to you. I've been the seller a few times, and never had a problem with this. Also, let the buyer know that you're going to have someone come by to inspect the vehicle for you, and you'll ensure they can work around the seller's schedule. Assuming it's an expensive or collectible car, got to the online Yellow Pages and search for Auto Appraisers in his home town area. Call one or two, tell them you'd like the car checked out for condition, verify the VIN, etc., and get their prices and available days/times. When you're comfortatble with one, get back with the seller, pass along the info so he'll know the name of the party that will contact him, and away you go.


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