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    Palmtrade group.com

    I received this email this morning, I googled the site and although no red flags popped up and they LOOK legit, I had to question the contents of the email, it seems like even though a company seems to be ok, it dosnt mean that someone else couldnt latch on and scam them!, any one else getting this email?

    I have read your resume and i must say that your experience achieved untill now can help you in our domain of activity.
    My company is looking for personnel in order to expand and intermediate marketing transactions between Europe and USA.
    Palmtrade Group,because that is our company name is located inGrosvenor Crescent,London, United Kingdom and next to a couple more company`s are trying to get in touch with more US company`s because after a very long time US and Europe relations become stronger then ever.
    This is the reason why our company is searching for staff,part time or full time in order to accomplish payment transaction between US and Europe.
    The people that our company is looking for requires seriousness in keeping strict confidence the identity of our clients(our company's errand,including your salary,depends on that so the buyer's identity cannot be acquainted with the seller's),also promptitude on carrying out the tasks or our demands required to the matter
    To be more specific the earnings in return for your work are various,between $1500 and $4000 per month for 3-4 hours a day.
    In order to establish our next colaboration it is my duty to give you all the details about our company and your colaboration with us.
    Like i said before, you will have an important role in order to change and eliminate the previous complains about payment transactions between Europe and US.
    Our company , especialy me decided to draft US personnel highly qualified for intarnational trading.
    In order to be able to charge the client we have to keep the supplier's identity secret so we will redirect the client's payment to you.After you will receive the payment and keep our errand(15%),you have to send the rest of the money to the supplier by using his preferred payment method.
    I will try to explain you the business steps just to be sure that you understand all this process:
    1.Our company invested and invest in all the major trading markets.
    2.The supplier contact us with a offer.
    3.After a review is made we decide if we (or not) engage on promoting their products.
    4.A contract is made between supplier and our company.
    5.The clients contact us in order to purchase these products and after they'll sign an agreement contract,we'll start the transaction.
    6.We redirect the client's payment to you and after you'll keep our(and yours) earnings,it is your obligation to transfer the rest (85%) .
    All the transfer fees will be supported by the supplier. Our company will never ask you to support or to invest a penny from your own pocket.

    We also have some requirements and i will like to ask you to read them very carefuly:
    Elementary knowledge of payment transactions.
    2. The possibility to accept at least one of this payment methods :
    a) Wire transfer
    b) Checks
    c) Money orders
    d PayPal
    3. Promptitude in sending the payment to the supplier.
    4. Due to the high taxes concerning the transfer of money between US and United Kingdom,you have to keep our fee until the amount will become more than $1000 .
    5. Ability to send us our commission on request.

    After all this presented i will try to explain you what earnings you can achieve:
    1.Our company charges every transaction with 15% :
    a) 10% is your earning to every transaction
    b) 5% is our company fee
    2.After you sign our contract,no matter how many transactions you will intermediate, our company will offer you a minimum income of $1,000.00 per month .

    Also we have some rules that you can`t ignore:

    1.Not to fulfill the terms of confidentiality between our clients.
    2.Delaying the payment to our suppliers,after you have already received the buyer's amount(in the most cases our company shall request you to transfer the payment in the same day after you will get your errand).
    3.Impossibility of transferring our earnings on request.
    Note : If you don't respect one of the terms mentioned above,our collaboration will be over

    If you fulfil our demands and you want to become one of us then answer the following questions :
    1.Are you interested on a Full time or Part time job?
    2.If you work part time then let us know how many hours per day .
    3.Are you older than 21 years ?
    4.What payment method(mentioned above) do you prefer ?
    5.Do you have a negative background(criminal records) ?

    Kind regards
    Palmtrade Group Ltd.

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    Yes I also recieved that same e-mail. What was your outcome? Is it a scam or fraud? Let me know.
    [email protected] my name is Diane

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected]
    Is it a scam or fraud?
    It is scam and a fraud.

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    Quote Originally Posted by borisf96
    It is scam and a fraud.
    Thank You I just found out and it will be noted and sent to federal agents.
    Thank You

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    I have also received this email today and in the process of trying to find out information on Palmtrade Group I came across this message board. My question is what if anything can I do about this? Thank you.

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    Dear Members,

    I am the real Mr. Daniel Neis one of the owners of the company "Palmtrade Group Ltd." based in London/ U.K.. We are a serious and reputable company. Unfortunately, we found out that there is someone using our name and my name for fraudulent purposes. Allthough, it is not our fault I would like to apologise in the name of our company for the inconveniences this issue has caused to all of you.

    At the moment we are working on finding out who is behind all that. Thanks to the help of some of you the IC3 was informed, we also informed yahoo.com where their domain is registered and have consulted a lawyer just recently. If you have any more evidence, emails, losses, information etc. concerning this case please send it to us: [email protected] and we will follow it up.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    Best Regards,
    Mr. Dipl. Bw DANIEL NEIS
    - Executive Director -

    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: neistrade

    Head Office:
    Palmtrade Group Ltd.
    No. 1 Grosvenor Crescent
    London SW1X 7EF
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 20 7152 6080
    Fax: +44 20 7152 6089
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: www.palmtrade.net

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    I received same email and lanquage and grammar prompted me to ask them a few questions which they did not answer but sent me their contract, "Acknowledgment of Obligations" which was one of a kind and like nothing you have ever seen.

    I think the same group with a new name change of eircom.net is pushing this same idea. There is also a Alice Piedener, Staff Manager, at [email protected]. that smells a lot like this same scam.

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    I was scammed by this imposter company. I did my google search and found that Palmtrade Group LTD had a trustpass through alibaba.com and was a legitimate trading company. I was pleasantly surprised. I then accepted the position and also recieved my first and only transaction to transfer for the Palmtrade Group LTd. It was for a woman Vanessa Miller from Oakland Ca. and a supplier Micheal Cain in Barcelona Spain. I cashed her check and processed it for them as per the supliers preferred method of payment. Via Western Union. $2450.00 was the amount of the check. Michael Cain picked it up @ 6 am on 12/13 in Spain. Then I got the letter from my bank- the check from Vanessa Miller in Oakland CA ,it came back for nonsufficeinet funds. They have now frozen my account and I am responsible for paying this. I am not able to pay it. I am now broke and working with the FBI as well as given all details to the real Plamtrade Group and the real Daniel Neiss. I emailed him as soon as I didn't hear back from the fake palmtrade group. I thought when I had emailed him the first time he was the person I had been dealing with then he explained he had no idea what I was referring to. That's when he told me about this company using their info. And how he couldn't get anyone to help him and his company. No one would provide them information about this fraudualnt company. I did I sent him all info I had and posted all details to IC3 and phone FBI in Pittsburgh, filed reports with my local and statre police. Phoned the police dept. in Oakland Ca asking for their help. Noone will help me. It is less than one week until Christmas I have 2 little girls no money and frozen accounts. I cannot afford to pay this $2450.00 and will end up in jail next week according to thte magistrate for unpaid check.Once you sign the back of it you are responsible for it. I have done all the right things and I have helped others by giving deatiled informatin that will help them with their problems but nobody will help me. I was always told to do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. Isn't that true anymore? Where has all of the honesty and helping one another gone?
    Nedra Platt
    Victim in worst case scenerio

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    Re: Palmtrade group.com

    sure that sounds bout right.. duhh.

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