undefinedundefinedundefinedWell after reading all these posts of all the scams that we have or almost have been sucked into it makes me think that maybe if the ones of us who have the fire in us to make extra money the legal and legit way could come up with our own business that could really work, instead of investing our time and hard earned money in these scams, we might could make something work. I like you need something to add to my regular job income to make ends meet and just be able to not stress so much about bills and how to take care of the kids. I want to see if there are any future entrepeneurs out there who could take ideas and further produce them to a working business so that we in here who have been scammed before could see that there are real legit businesses.I think we should make it some form of contest to see who can come up with a new idea, not one already in existence with a product or service to make this work. Please respond with any ideas and we all will vote on the best and legit idea. :rolleyes: