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    Story of a scam->

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums so hello.

    I am always smart with my money, however this time they got to me and I was scammed.

    I was selling a TV for $300 and I go an email from an interested buyer. I emailed back and they said they were located in the U.K. so they would be sending $2000 - I take $300 and the rest goes to the shipper when he comes by.

    I should of stopped their, however for some reason I did not. A lot of people say why would anyone want a TV from the U.S.? Well their are NTSC and PAL conversions, so a lot of times people want the NTSC conversion.

    Anyways he sent cashiers checks and I thought once they cashed they were fine. Well I got the $2000 and the shipper "could not make it" so he told me to send the money back Western Union. The guy proclaimed to be named Ben Steve.

    A week later the checks came up counterfeit and I lost $2000. It was a tough lesson to learn, however now I am educating myself w/ scams and seeing how I can help other people.

    Anything you guys know that is a good idea to get the word out and help others let me know!

    Great looking forum, looking to talking w/ everyone.

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    Re: Story of a scam->

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    Re: Story of a scam->

    Where did you advertise your TV. This scam is becoming very common

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    Re: Story of a scam->

    I want to thank you for your story. I was just recently trying to sell an entertainment center in our local paper and the same thing happened to me. Luckily for me I had my doubts about the whole situation and didn't send any money.

    Two people responded to my ad and both wanted to send a cashier's check to me and I was told to deduct the price and send the shipping company money through western union. One "client" was in the UK and the other in Spain. I kept emailing them both specific questions and never got answers. I ended up calling the Consumer Protection Agency and they confirmed my suspicions that this was a scam.

    I am sorry you were not able to find out earlier, but thank you again for confirming my suspicions that not everyone is as trustworthy as I would like to believe

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