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    Virtual Staffing Service - Scam?


    I'm looking for any opinions on, or experiences with, a company called Virtual Staffing Service. I'm not sure if I should use their url in this post, but I'll go out on a limb... it's virtualstaffingservice.com. If I shouldn't use it here, please delete the url and accept my sincere apology. Any one who wants to check it out can do a quick google search to find the site, anyway. So, I guess there's no harm done.

    It looks legit and I didn't get any hits when I searched google using "virtualstaffingservice.com scam" and "Virtual Staffing Service scam". That's usually all I need to do to learn the dirty truth about a scam.

    There are, however, some things I noticed about their site that raised some red flags with me. One is that almost all the links to hire someone or to purchase other services, like web building and updating, are broken. The link to spend $30 for the registration/application works perfectly, though. Hmmm.... Another is a "Contact Us" page that has no contact info on it, whatsoever. It does appear to be a new or recently remade site, though. It's very "Web 2.0" in design - very up to date. Maybe they are working on it. But, even that says something, doesn't it? Who would replace an old site that works with a new one that doesn't let people contact you easily or spend money easily?

    I guess I already figure it's bogus and I'm just hoping some one with first hand experience will maybe vouch for them. The fact that 99% of all work at home offers on the internet are scams does color my perceptions a great deal. However, it really would be a sound business model to tap the vast pool of potential laborers online and market it to big business as a ready-to-work service, specializing in tedious and boring repetitive tasks that can't be automated yet - online grunt work like placing ads and dealing with customer emails, etc.

    I thank you in advance for your insights and opinions.


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    Re: Virtual Staffing Service - Scam?

    Allegedly, they will pay you $130 for 4 days of work, but the work is posting their ads on free classified sites, thus perpetuating their "business" of receiving $30 from their new hires. Seems legal, but not really ethical. HTH!


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    Re: Virtual Staffing Service - Scam?

    Yeah, caveat emptor!! (Let the buyer beware.)

    When I saw that the only working link was the $30 "application fee" I figured it had to be bogus. It's a good thing that most scammers aren't that bright - they can only prey on the desperate, the greedy and the profoundly naive. It's unfortunate, though, that there is so much easy game for them.

    Some things never change...

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    Re: Virtual Staffing Service - Scam?

    Very, VERY helpful information.

    I got one of their notices today, and I've determined this organization is indeed a scam.

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    Re: Virtual Staffing Service - Scam?

    I'd avoid them if I were you.

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