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    H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company


    Just got a job offer from the following:

    Mr. Daniel Fosa.

    H & S International Limited
    Wimbledon 4x4,
    Raynes Park London sw20 8bp

    They offered the job of cashing and sending money to there company. Has this been seen by anyone ??

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    ACTEXO TEXTILES LIMITED is mentioned as a scam site here:

    Scamdex.com website

    and: scamfraudalert.com website

    and: joewin.net website

    It appears the ACTEXO TEXTILES LIMITED name is used in conjunction with many other names offering fake employment to cover Nigerian advance fee fraud

    ACTEXO TEXTILES LIMITED also appears as the source of many 419 Nigerian emails

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    I also got an offer from them. i am researching the company to see if it is a scam! i will let you know what i find out. mine was from a jessica wright

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    i checked the bbb and they say they have no bad reports on them!

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    I too received a similar e-mail for this co..offering to pay me for collections and helping to tap into the US market. Checked IP address from header..shows my contact in Brazil...the message was from John Phillips.

    Feels like a scam...I reported the mail as spam..
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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    These people are definitely scammers. I sent them a job application without my social security number but with my drivers license number and I am mad about that but I didn't think about it because they are on the Washington Post.com. I 'm sitting up here watching Nigerian scams on tv and a red light bulb went off. I told them I would not provide any personal information like my social b/c I could not find any information on the internet about them. Then I get this so-called group email giving information about the company. Later I get an email saying they didn't get my resume. I was really excited because I need the extra work and being able to work from home would be great! They now emailed me a website. Here is the link. http://www.hsinternational.zoomshare...149e.writeback
    Please note that one of the customers has the same email as Gemma, a supposed worker. Please note that all the comments look like the same person wrote them. The web site is poorly written, tacky, and to me sealed the deal on the fact that they are scammers. I reported them to bbb.org, washingtonpost.com. Does anyone know how to report these people to the police? I'm also going to report them to the newstations. I haven't let them know I'm on to their scam. Last communication I sent them was before I realized. Here is the information they sent me....STAY AWAY!

    We are waiting for the Employment Application via email with an attachment of
    the Form as soon as possible.
    After we receive the Employment Application from you, we are going to contact
    you when you are to start the Part time work at home opportunity in these
    winter.We awaite the Employment Application in our department for the job

    Visit our website:

    Dont hesitate to email us

    If you have question contact us via email or Call
    Employee Relations Manager
    ADMIN. OFFICE: (970) 672-4318 , (760) 536-4421.
    TOLL FREE :0-703-189-1189,0-703-184-4224 DURING

    Willams Peterson.
    Employee Relations Manager.

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    Seems legit to me :)

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    Its a scam and I am now in $7,000.00 debt because of it.

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    Re: ANOTHER SCAM/H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company



    My name is Peter Edward, Executive Marketing officer for ACTEXO TEXTILES AND FABRICS LTD. I saw your advert on the web for employment and will be so glad to have you as our agent if you're still looking for job. Do check out our web site (www.actexotextile.com) for more details.

    We've been selling our products for the past few years and we're lately facing serious difficulties when it comes to selling our products to Americans cos they are always offering to pay with a US MONEY ORDER/CHECK, which is difficult for us to cash here. We are looking for a representative in the states who will be working for us as a partime worker and we'll be willing to pay 10% for every transaction, which wouldnt affect your present state of work.

    We need someone who would be helping in receiving payments from our clients in the States. An agent who is responsible and reliable that will be handling the payment aspect. The payment will be addressed and sent to you and all you need do is to get it cashed, deduct your percentage and wire the balance back to any of our accountants/lawyers in our regional warehouses. The problem we have is getting someone that is really capable and trustworthy as though we surely have our way of getting anyone that tried to get away with our money. The FBI will surely be interested and get involved.

    This offer is not going to cost you any amount cos all you need to do is to receive payments which will be sent to you via delivery courier from our clients, which would come in form of a money order/check get it cashed and send the cash to our accountants/lawyers via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER OR MONEYGRAM MONEY TRANSFER, and required charges for all transfer should be deducted from the money. If you're interested, kindly get back to me ASAP via this email: *** please login to view contact info *** so that i can feed you with more informations about the jobs.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Yours Faithfully
    Peter Edward
    Actexo & Fabrics LTD.

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    Quote Originally Posted by tdbx
    Its a scam and I am now in $7,000.00 debt because of it.
    how the hell did you let them doupe you out of $7K? The guy that's contacting me says he wants me to cash money orders and keep 10% of every MO as payment. :confused:

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    I am assuming they send you payments through fake customers possibly located overseas, then ask you to send in 90% before the payments actually clear. You send them the "money", and are held liable for the payments to them when the payments to you bounce. The "customers" have plenty of time to dissapear considering they never existed in the first place, and you are left with massive debt. Don't quote me on any of this, but that is how I would do it if I were a heartless prick.

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    Hello All

    We received this a couple of days ago. They must be getting the names from Recruitment Agencies as I have posted my CV on several. I came here to see if there was anything on them as I couldn't find anything on the internet. The only difference with this one is that it calls its self J & S International Ltd. Thank you people so much. See below (this chap is called Terry Lambert).

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    J & S International Limited is a US textile company. We produce and distribute clothing materials such as batiks,,art works,art materials and crafts,assorted fabrics and traditional costume worldwide.We have reached big sales volume of textile materials in North America and now are trying to penetrate the British market.
    Quite soon,we will open representative offices or authorized sales
    centers in the UK and therefore we are currently looking for people who will assist us in establishing a new distribution network over there.The fact is that despite the UK market is new for us we already have regular clients also speaks for itself.

    But we have a problem thats setting us back.We have some problem collecting our payments from our UK clients.The international money transfer tax for legal entities(companies) in Latvia is 25%,whereas for the individual,it is only 7%.There is no sense for us to work this way, while tax for international money transfer made by a private individual is 7%.That's why we need you! We need agents to receive payment for our textiles( in money orders,cheque or bank wire transfers) from our clients in the UK and to resend the money to us via Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer.This way we will save money because of tax

    1. Receive payment from Clients.
    2. Cash Payments at your Bank.
    3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.
    4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to(Payment is to be forwarded either by Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer).

    10% from each operation! For instance: you receive 7000 GBP via cheques or money orders on our behalf.You will cash the money and keep GBP700(10% of GBP7000) for yourself! At the beginning your commission will equal 10%,though later it will increase up to 12%!

    You do not have to go out as you will work as an independent contractor right from your home or office.Your job is absolutely legal.You can earn up to GBP3000-4000 monthly depending on time you will spend for this job.You do not need any capital to start.You can do the Work easily without leaving or affecting your present Job. The employees who make efforts and work hard have a strong possibility to become managers.Anyway our employees never leave us.

    (1).18 years or older legally capable,responsible and ready to work 3-4 hours per week.
    (2).You must have PC knowledge,e-mail and internet experience(minimal). And
    please know that Everything is absolutely legal, that's why you have to fill a contract! Our payments will be issued out in your name and sent to your contact address. If you are interested, please get back to me as soon as possible via email. N: B, Please send to me the listed information below:

    First name :
    Last name :
    Full Address :
    City :
    State :
    Country :
    Zip Code :
    Tel numbers :
    Sex :
    Date of birth :
    Nationality :
    Are you employed/self employed?
    Do you have a checking account?
    Best means of communication?email/phone

    I will need this informations from you for my record,also if you require more information ,do not hesitate to contact me,i will give you a call asap.

    Thanks and God bless.
    Yours faithfully,
    Terry Lambert for J & S international

    This e-mail was sent using Mail.md

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    Sorry to bother you again

    Do you think we should report it to our local police here in the UK?

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    I just recieved an e-mail exactly like these. Thanks for the info. I suspected it was a scam anyway. Remember, Never send any personal information or legal docs to anyone until you have fully investigated the company. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    There are certain things you look for when receiving these e-mails.

    1. Spelling and Grammar. If it is a legit company they would never allow themselves to be portrayed in a bad light. Spelling and Grammar errors are big no-no's when sending out any type of formal correspondence.

    2. The use of Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, gmail for e-mails. Most major corporations have their own e-mail. If the e-mail was sent out; particularly by someone high up in the company; as this one was, it should have the companies e-mail.

    3. How did they find you? Think about this. You haven't filled out any applications, nor have you contacted them regarding employment. How would they even know you exist.

    I just thought I would share this information with you what I have come to find common in these scam e-mails.

    What they do is this. They get someone to cash checks for them. There is an official seal or watermark on the checks to make them look official. You, go to your bank and deposit the check thinking you are making easy money. Then this is where the stuff hits the blades. Because of the large amount of your check, the bank does some investigation. When the check comes back to them as bad, they freeze your account and you cannot gain access to your money. Now if by some miracle, the check does goes through, and you take out the 6,300 and western union it to someone and the bank tries to collect on the check from the organization that sent it to you, guess what? No real organization PLUS all that money you took out and sent? YOU are responsible for that. Now, YOU owe your bank money.

    Word to the wise. If you ever receive an e-mail from anyone that offers you a job, where you are to collect checks and deposit them from some other country, or your own country, and you did not fill out an application? It's a scam, steer clear.

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    Re: H & S International Limited a Latvian textile company

    I just received an email from john payne
    For H & S International
    johnpayne066@aol.com . I didn't really read it, just skimmed thru it, then did a google search for H & S International, and low and behold I found this thread about them! After reading a few of your comments, I went back and read the first paragraph of the email, tons of clues that it is a scam,,,,lots of typos and mis-spellings...then in the application that Mr. John Payne sent, they asked if I have a checking account...2nd clue! Then his name, not capitalized! Helllooo, if you don't know this is a scam right off the bat, you are so very naive. I read about people in my local police report that just kill me. They report that someone called them, asked them to verify their checking acct. number, the victim gives it to them, then realizes it was a scam??? OMG! It's been all over the news, don't give your ssn or banking info to anyone. Your bank will "not" call you to verify your account numbers.
    I just wanted to voice that I too was hit by this "company" but took the time to check into it, and thanks to this forum verified what I already knew, scam scam scam!

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