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    911 Fraud and 911 Scams

    After September 11 and the terrorist attacks in NYC, the nation rose and stood together to help rebuild, heal, and support each other. But with state and federal grants and when private insurance companies are in play, the scammers and fraudsters are waiting in the bushes to take advantage of people's misfortune. Scumbag lawyers get involved too.

    Use this thread to expose the 911 scammers and fraudsters.

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    Children Sue 9/11 Dad

    I saw this in the NY Post.

    A 911 advocate is a hero to everyone around him, except his kids. Gilmartin is getting sued over $80,000 in back child support. Papers were filed in Manhattan's Supreme Court.

    I hope this all gets cleared up. You see it everyday. People get seduced by money and change. I hope it all works out.

    An outspoken 9/11 advocate is a hero to everyone — except his own kids.

    T.J. Gilmartin has fought for the rights of Ground Zero first responders and received thousands of dollars from victims funds for his work in the World Trade Center rubble, but has allegedly failed to financially support his own children.

    Gilmartin’s 24-year-old daughter Kathryn claims her father — who insists he’s no deadbeat dad — owes a whopping $81,421 in child support, a debt she has pursued in four courts across three states.

    “Money is extremely tight. We have been unable to afford many necessities of life,” Kathryn alleged in court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.
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