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    Greg Smith On 60 Minutes

    He was the VP at Goldman Sachs and was a member here at scam.com. I remember him emailing us right when I was buying the website. I remember we had a mini meeting about it. I'll try to find his screen name and posts.

    Greg Smith, who publicly resigned in scathing op-ed, says investment bank's unethical culture threatens firm's future. Anderson Cooper reports.


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    Re: Greg Smith On 60 Minutes

    Let me make a point. He contacted the old owners/me (transition).

    He stated he was a huge fan of scam.com and wanted to come out and tell his story and answer questions to members.

    A mod stated I shouldn't give out information, and that is true. I just wanted to clarify that he came to use to use the board for promotion.

    And after seeing his piece on 60 Minutes, it might be cool to fish through the emails and contact him.

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