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    Re: VOT-Virtual Office Temps...scam or no?

    Hello I know this a few years later post , but I would like to add my 2 cents If i may .. I do not work for VOT but let me clear the air .. first of all let me say I hate scams i even use to post videos on youtube about work at home scams .I have tried so many ways of making money from my PC, posting videos .. doing affiliation websites , click ads , surveys the list goes on , and most pay peanuts if not at all .. unless you find a nitch .. and mine was VOT.. I landed 3 jobs from them all legit and 10 dollars or more a hour , basically they post the ads for these companys , some being convergys , newcorp , and many more , you may know there clients as AT&T.. direct TV .. teleflora.com no cons here folks .. you probably are using there service or cell phones right now . I tried so many at home listing websites and the phone only rang when I used VOT , my credit report sucks also .lol but my resume is impressive , I have a pc background and over 20 years of manager and cust service tech skills . and my voice sells me .. I was making 400$ per week for some jobs just for training!! . It was my fault I lost one of the jobs because the programs you have to use was a headache per call and i failed the test as did 80% of the class , the other 2 jobs I had was good jobs but they were temp at the time.but as for VOT they did there job giving me the chance to work for these legit company's .

    I do want to ad as of right now they did add to there site that you do need a website to post your resume or the company's will probably not look at yours.. its something like 2 dollars a month for the website .. so that I am not fond of , i need to make money not spend it on a website .. but they don't hide that and you have the option not too .besides that I swore by VOT it worked for me , I even made a video saying how great they were for me , but I never published it as of yet .. so there is my feedback , have a great day and good luck
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    Re: VOT-Virtual Office Temps...scam or no?

    Here is my experience. They entice you with work, and you need only:

    1) apply & qualify in that way
    2) also give proof of professional web site.

    They are happy to offer you a link to a good web hosting site. In fact they have a number of hosting providers for your convenience right at your finger tip.

    Well I got a site - and had to pay for a year - big concern if they don't guaranty the work.

    I noticed that they can make a lot of money by directing fools like me to these VOT favoured web hosting companies. I wasn't particularly happy with the hosting company anyway so I was able to get a refund.

    Still unsure that VOT was entirely suspicious, I found a web-hosting company that was very professional and more user-friendly. VOT explained that I qualified, but that the site from another company did not - likely because they weren't making money off it.

    I believe that they are scamming employment-eager applicants for the web-site bonuses they receive. SCAMMING? I believe so.

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    Re: VOT-Virtual Office Temps...scam or no?

    Most likely. I did a background check on them via BBB (Better Business Bureau), and you'll be shocked at what I found. Before you say, "I told you so", see it for yourself. Copy and paste this in your browser, and make corrections where needed.


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