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    Re: Another terrorist organization cheers the Democrats victory

    Let me ask you something Grim, howcome you're so quick to label the Palestenians but I haven't once heard you condemn what Israel's done?
    Because I disagree with you, thats why. The international community recognizes Israel as a legitimate country, not a state living on stolen land. In the last 30+ years, every time the Israeli army has advanced beyond their recognized borders, it's been because of Palestinian aggression. The Palestinians have a dispute with the Israeli government, yet they do not target that government. The Palestinians have a dispute with the Israeli army, yet they do not target that army. The Palestinians target the innocent and peaceful Israeli civilians instead. Israel does not target innocent civilians... The Palestinians do. The Israeli's have never proclaimed a desire to destroy Palestine, but the Palestinians have proclaimed an intention to destroy Israel and all of its people. Right is right, and wrong is wrong.

    Just look at the latest peace agreement from a few days ago... It took the Palestinians less than an hour to break that agreement and start lobbing missiles at civilian neighborhoods again. These are the animals you want to defend Button?

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    Re: Another terrorist organization cheers the Democrats victory

    Quote Originally Posted by Grim17
    Question Button:

    1. Do you feel that the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves, even though terrorism is how they choose to do this? Yes or No

    If you answer yes, then you have clearly stated that you support terrorism.

    If you answer no, then this negates what you have previously stated and prompts one more question from me.

    Why do you suggest that Israel should reward the Palestinians for killing innocent Israeli's as a means to negotiate?

    No I don't feel that Palestinians have the right to defend themselves through terrorism. If they find another way that seems to be working, I'll be happy to promote the cause the best I can but for now (since I'm not going to be killing anybody) this is the best I can do.

    I wouldn't call it rewarding the palestenians by giving them their land back, paying for the land they took or granting them citizenship to the country in which the land sits. I'd call it justice. There's two ways of looking at that Grim, I guess the palestenians should just let Israel have their land, free and clear and not reward them by fighting for it.

    Both sides have alot at stake and the problem isn't going to go away.

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