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    Whispering wind Guest

    What is Meditation ?

    What is meditation ?

    Is It something Vague ?

    Is it in any way practical ?

    Could it be called scientific ? -

    Deeply scientific ?

    Perhaps the most scientific activity in existance?

    What is its history ?

    What are said to be the results of its practice ?

    What kind of people have been and are exponents ?

    Has it a biological or physical function ?

    Has its define effects on pyschological activities ?

    Does it effect energy output ?

    How does it compare with the taking of drugs ?

    Is Meditation really connected with the Pituitary body

    and the Pineal gland, and other brain organs, and if so

    how can we prove it ?

    To what extent can we experiment
    with it oursleves ?

    Why was it, in various forms, considered to be the
    essential foundation for national Government in ancient
    civilisations ?

    By the time we have considered all these questions we
    will know whether the practice of Meditation and all
    that it includes is really what we are after
    in order to build a new and wonderful life for
    ourselves, independently of all circumstances.

    The practice of Meditationhas been, and should be, only
    part (albeit the most imporatant part) of a complete way
    of life designed to bring development and maturity,
    firstly in the invisible components of the mind,
    secondly in the visible brain growth, and thirdly in the
    orientation and control of action.

    There is such a literature, sometimes, alas,
    contradictory, on this old science, that a clear cut
    summery is needed for so many of us who have, perhaps,
    little time in which to obtain a hold on the subject.

    It is rather the same search for the ideal diet. We are
    confronted with a mass of literature, some of which
    contradicts the other quite wildly.

    This is becaurse, of course, everyone is at different
    stages of need and understanding. However, during my own
    search amongst the masses of diet books, I finally came

    across quite a tiny volume which explained exacly what
    happens during digestion, and according to what one had

    This helped me more than any before, becaurse I
    could now visualise the actual process, and realise what
    happened with each combination eaten, under different
    circumstances and conditions.

    This analysis gave me a working basis on which to form my
    own conclusions and decisions, and build up a programe
    to suit my particular stage and projects.

    Surely the same should be written regarding meditation,
    which is, after all, a process of choice, combination,
    assimilation, digestion, elimination, rebuilding and
    used in activity.

    We might therefore begin by ascertaining the mental
    organs of intellectual digestion, and their reactions to
    choice, combination of ideas, 'food for thought',
    digestion, subsequent nourishment, good or bad, and
    successful elimination of the unwanted !
    We must find out whether such mental organs exist.

    Science has taught us that in the last analysis all is
    energy, and that the most powerful and actual activities
    are those we cannot see. It appears that the visible is
    really only a kind of sheath and the focal point for the
    basic invisible activity.

    An instance of this is the
    vast power focused through an atom, and the invisible
    genius at work within a cell.

    Therefor in the study of any subject we have to take into
    account two of its parts, the visible and the invisible.

    However, a fuller analysis can prove that there are
    really three parts -

    1 The so called solid part, presenting to us the sheath
    and form which isolates its activities;

    2 The electrical counterpart, whose existance can be
    proved and contacted through a study of radiations, and
    which is able to manipulate the solid matter (as an
    instance of this we can refer to certain types of

    3 The truly invisible authority back of it all, that
    mysterious 'I' which is veiled in so many complexities.
    Are we able to locate our 'I' and examine it ?

    For instance, what part of you is it that has decided to
    read my post, and is activated by a desire for progress
    and for knowledge ?

    There is another part of you which resists this effort,
    which is lazy, which is pleasure seeking - which is
    surely in opposition ? So we begin right away in two
    parts, that which wants to achieve something and that
    which is against it.

    Then you will agree that there is a third part - the
    conditioned part, which makes one want to do only what
    is expected of one. This may be in direct opposition to
    the other two.

    We can soon ascertain that the human temperament is
    usually divided into at least three parts; and any new
    crisis, information or circumstance may at once create a
    fourth part.

    You will immediately see that these
    divisions, all pulling against one another, are each
    using energy, and thus not only diminishing the total
    energy availible for any one act or thought, but
    actually causing energies to collide and devour each

    Thus, one's potential energy inheritance is spoilt,
    diffused, scattered or inhibited from the very start.
    At the earliest age one is taught ' You must not' do
    this, think that, ect. It is a world of don'ts which
    cause one to start putting the brakes on one's natural
    exuberance, curiosity and ' will-to-do'

    As a rule one is given no logical reasons for these
    'don'ts' Ourself repression is obliged to be
    unquestioning, and influenced by fear of reprisals.

    We crush down our real desires to know, to do and to
    experience, and we have no sound reasons for the
    patterns into which we are being moulded.

    A part of us is perhaps content to have our thinking and
    organising done for us, while another part of us is in
    deep rebellion, either conscious or subconscious - or
    even superconscious.

    Al this obviously builds within us a situation of
    criss-cross energies, desires , resentments, frustrations and even apathies, which eventually produce chaps in our orientaion, our
    realisation and our state of identity.

    We have allowed this whole condition within ourselves to be enclosed,
    beaten together and moulded into the required social
    pattern like a piece of dough for the bread making !

    Our personalities are therefore like lumps of dough
    wherein all the ingredients are held prisoner in
    inextricable and uncongenial congestion.

    When people speak to us our replies pop out
    automatically, mostly habitual reflexes without thought
    ( a good example is weather exchanges) If we are asked
    an unwonted question we suffer actual mental pain at the
    prospect of having to think out an answer.

    We usually cannot do it, but trot out whatever attitudes we have
    adopted from our spasmodic reading or listening habbits.

    If this is a true picture of some of us, is not a
    situation really death in life ?

    and is it not a horrible result of generations of blind following of the
    line of least resitance - letting the other fellow do our
    thinking for us ?

    Is this not a tragic state of affairs
    when one considers that it is possible that any one of
    us may have a potentially remarkable mind, an amazing
    will-power, unlimited energy, and an inner fountain of
    knowledge and wisdom, if only he could break out of the
    terrible prision of conditioning described above ?

    Certainly this will need dynamic first effort , but it

    will mean the difference between being a half- dead
    puppet, and a living, adventuring, influential

    How much does such a change and such an adventure mean
    to us ?

    Can we make sufficient effort ?

    And what effort would that have to be?

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: What is Meditation ?

    The way to such achievement has been patiently developed and demostrated by certain wise people throughout history.
    It has been built around the science which we know as Meditation.

    This science has existed in all systems or religions planned for the essential development of man.

    In ancient Egypt the motto of this science was 'MAN KNOW THYSELF'

    The belief was that people can only reach real success and fulfilment by first of all learning ezactly what human beings are, how they are made, their relationship with the rest of nature, the steps by which they can approach spiritual awakening; and finally what they have to look forward to after death.

    As you see, the ancient Egyptians purported to know far more about the human situation than we would assume at this day and age. But did they know ?

    and has this knowledge been lost ?

    We find that the same kind of knowledge existed in Tibet, and that in China vast Tomes and Archives on such subjects were preserved at the Emperor's Court, to which he was liable to add his own Commentaries. In India any parent would willingly give up their small son if he were selected by the sages for vocational training in such development.

    Meditation was a fundamental part of training. In those early days peope were far more leisured than we are today, and could often devote their whole lives to such development.

    In the West, the monks and nuns developed such types of training in their own ways.

    However, human failings gradually built up such conditions of luxury, oppression, warfare, exploitation and ignorance, that the long dark ages of superstition and meterialism set in, and obliterated the awarness of the existance of spirtual wisdom, which earlier had been innate in all people.

    thus human spirit became separated from its own heritage and glory, and an inner despair and disorientation destroyed its natural integrity.

    By the time the Buddha came, he had to rediscover the essential spiritual techniques, including Meditation. And Christ, after He had been beautifully trained by the Essenes and others, was faced with a public of immature primitive ignorance, very different to conditions which had been obtained in earlier civilisations.

    The so-called Dark Ages haad set in. Now after two thousand years, we are witnessing the choas and world wide distress which are the results of the neglecting and compromising with the noble sciences of fulfilment so generously bequeathed to man.

    Things have reached such a pass that either mankind will collapse utterly into moral self-destruction, or a vigorous reaction will arouse the will regenerate and rebuild before it is too late.

    When such a reaction comes it must be taken at its flood tide, or the opportunity will be lost. There must be available concise and trustworthy information as to the ways and means of awakening the true self and the intrinsic power for good which lies waitin humanity.

    It is vital that such information is ready at hand, so that man can have an exact picture of what he can achieve, and how he can produce in himself an instrument of service and of salvation on this striving, struggling planet.

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    very good stuuf on meditation!?but the other....what if it all happens automatically!?did you ever consider that!?and i dont mean like a robot,but that when the time comes for each man to do what is required,he will receive the will to carry it out!?and if this has not been the past measure of performance,like the stock broker says,the facts are not relavent concerning the past!?for it just reinforces the has been!?to say anything in a demanding of performance threatening way only promotes the past!?so the past must be presented in the right light!?the truth of the past must be known!?the truth about humanity itself!?....gwasshoppa....hehe!!.....just askin.....
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  4. 11-17-2006, 09:56 AM

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: What is Meditation ?

    It does look like there are many today who are trying to look at the world with clear eyes. To them it seems as if civilization is at the cross road - or
    even that it has become trapped in a blind alley.

    there seems to be complete congestion between the forces of tyranny and
    those who are minded for liberty and peace.
    Although the existence of these duel streams is obvious, they yet seem
    so mixed and criss-crossed that they can only create chaos.

    Perhaps the age long practice of compromise has produced a tapestry of
    civilisation in which the good and the bad threads are so interwoven
    that it would be hopeless to try and clarify them and introduce order
    and integrity into the pattern.

    Today men are spending most of there substance on material from mutual
    slaughter. In such a way are the first two thousand years of the
    Christian era has closed.

    The world presents a panorama in which progress and barbarism,
    organization and chaos , brilliance and stupidity, are accepted with a
    kind of conditioned blindness, a lack of values which renders
    non-existent the "the will of the people" .

    Humanity seems sunk to the neck in a quagmire of muddle through
    energetic ineffectiveness. Energy is spend in producing marvellous
    inventions, and ineffectiveness is the result of the way these
    inventions are used.

    What has gone wrong ?

    Is there true cause for hope or for despair ?

    Is it possible to read the riddle of human evolution, to discover the
    clue to future progress, and to find the means by which humanity can be
    set free from the present apparent deadlock ?

    For civilization has reached an impasse involving economics, health,
    morality, and self-knowledge.

    Is there any way of piercing the fog of surface happenings, and of
    understanding the real trend and significance of events ?

    In Egypt, in Babylonia, in China, in Tibet, in India - in every great
    culture, we find meditation producing the basis of morality and of law,
    whether through the oracle, the guru, priest, a Buddha, a Pythagoras,
    and finally a Christ.

    All taught that human beings contain a channel with-in theme selves
    which, when developed, connects directly with the universal Mind, the
    Universal Love and the Universal Purpose.

    Buddha fasted under the Bod tree, until His mediation opened His
    channel to 'Nirvana'

    Christ fasted forty days in the desert, until His Meditation inspired
    Him to His task. He said ; "Only by prayer and fasting shall ye come unto

    Pythagoras, of the Greek Golden Age, would not accept pupils until
    they had kept silence for a definite number of years.

    But, alas, after that, the age of barbarism set in, and there wonderful
    teachings were fogotten.

    It seems very strange, surely, that now, when there is talk of the
    coming age of englightenment, the world - wide violence and disruption
    everywhere is coupled with a new interest in Meditation amongst the
    people themselves, amongst the new young arrivals of this generation
    around the globe.

    For some time now there seems to have been an instinctive recognition
    that a new and better world civilization can only emerge after the

    chrysalis of tradition, habit and heredity has been cracked open and
    burst assunder, allowing escape into the light of freedom and the
    nakedness of the unconditional.

    Such a tradition necessitates destruction of the old form, both of
    thought and action. It produces revolution and experimental attitudes
    which find their first expression in the fine arts, which are always

    We have watched this happen, first in the realm of
    music, then literature, and then of art and sculpture - James Joyce,
    Gertrude Stein , Picasso.

    In their access of rebellion against outworn ways, these pioneers
    produced whole works whose effort has been to break apart and disrupt
    habitual mental ruts and attitudes, and to introduce the unexpected,
    the unnatural, the meaningless.

    Instinctively they prepare the way for something which has yet to come,
    something utterly new and different - although they do not yet know
    what it will be.

    Nevertheless, several decades of such inspiration has indeed found its
    mark in the consciousness of the people. It has gate-crashed the apathy
    of their conditioning, and aroused them to more mature need for
    realization and self determination.

    So a new awakening urges have begun to express themselves outwardly,
    beginning of course in physical resistance against old traditions and

    This preliminary stage of destruction of the outworn is
    painful, even terrifying, to the unperceptive. But already there are
    signs of the second stage, the rebelling towards new values and along
    experimental lines, the desire to take responsibility in planning and

    Much of this has been rehearsed before in history, with the rise and
    fell of many civilizations. But today there are two new differences.

    Firstly, the revolution is world wide;

    Secondly, although all races and classes taking part, it is lead by the

    youth of all nations. They seem to forgo youth's careless rapture and to
    suffer discomfort, danger, disruption and to give service and even
    thought to the rebuilding and the remodeling of social and educational

    It is true that rebellion bring with it elements of violence, of despair, and of distortion - it always has. Thus today's young people, in their determination to enlarge their awareness of hidden potentials, first take drugs ( the self-destructive angle) and later to more constructive and radical practice of Meditation.

    Here they face much danger. For who is qualified to teach them, in ways suitable to this day and age, and comprehensible to the uterly untrained ?

    Is their legimate aspiration to be betrayed, by half truths, wrong emphasis, vagueness or even dangerous practices? As a world wide and age-old practice, Meditation has many facets, many systems, and possibly as many distortions as have most of the underlying truths, if any, and will it be worth our while ?

    For it is claimed that by meditation and through mediation only, spiritual growth and ultimate knowledge, wisdom and achievement are possible - and that this achievement is unmaginably glorious.

    It thefore seems essential that we should consider, first of all, how much truth there is in the claim made for Meditation; what exactly happens or develops in the student; and what is the biological and physical activity which takes place.

    Further How does this whole practice of balanced living which is included with this science; the stages of development which ensue, and the phenomena which leads to the ultimate fulfillment and achievement

    Can we make an exploration of the purpose of meditation and it techniques ? Can we demonstrate of an actual mediation - a constructive train of thought - which will build up into new discoveries without the use of books or any outside help ?

    Can we choose a subject about which we know nothing and step by step construct our 'channel' to the Universal mind, and see how much knowledge, new to us, we can draw down through it.

    Thus we will find out what meditation is, and how it works within the human being; which are its techniques most suited to ourselves, and to what results we can look forward .

    This approach to an understanding of the divine plan of evolution and progress (if there is one)so that we might intelligently and successfully collaborate with it, thus bringing an entirely new and existing elements into our lives.

    Individual thinking is a rare and difficult function with most of us. Some of us may feel ill-disposed to follow through with the rather scientific beginnings of research.

    To skip that portion of the work we may arrive at the end saying ' Astonishing!' 'Interesting!' But cannot possibly know if there is any truth in it

    Those that do enter seriously into spirit of the experiment, will on the other, be likely to discover even more then we can capture in this entire forum !


    Suggested reading

    Concentarion and meditation, Christmas Humphreys, London, Stuart and Watkins

    Food combitation made easy, Herbert Sheltons Health School

    Letters on Occult Meditation, ALice A. Bailey

    The Spirit of Zen, ALen W. Watts

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    hope your ole castle dont burn down in vic buddy.we pray for rain ...I make big rain dance .
    meditation is................................................ .................................................. ..

    anyone seen the four golden raptors circling an amber light which becomes what seems to be a bunch of cords or ropes which decend towards the beholder? answer that i dare ya

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: What is Meditation ?

    anyone seen the four golden raptors circling an amber light which becomes what seems to be a bunch of cords or ropes which decend towards the beholder?

    what would one think about this?

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: What is Meditation ?

    anyone seen the four golden raptors circling an amber light which becomes what seems to be a bunch of cords or ropes which decend towards the beholder? answer that i dare ya
    is that the last scene in jurassic park? with that electric cord enclosure and people with the eaten by teeth and the scary raptords etc. cos if it is ive seen it.

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    dont feel /fear the (grim)reaper!?good luck and goodnight!?hehe!!.....just askin.....
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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: What is Meditation ?

    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Cant you see my desire?
    Thats the way love goes
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Cant you see my desire?

    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Cant you see my desire
    Thats the way love goes
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    Thats the way love goes
    My love is blind
    Cant you see my desire?

    Come closer
    Baby closer
    Reach out and feel my body
    Im gonna give you all my love
    Ooh sugar dont you hurry
    Youve got me here all night
    Just close your eyes and hold on tight

    Ooh baby
    Dont stop, dont stop
    Go deeper
    Baby deeper
    You feel so good Im gonna cry

    Oooooh Im gonna take your there
    Oo-ooh hoo-ooh oo-ooh
    Thats the way love goes
    Thats teh way love goes
    Thats the way love goes it goes it goes
    Oooh thats the way love goes
    Reach out and feel my body
    Thats the way love goes
    Dontcha know
    Thats the way
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Cant you see my desire
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire my love is blind
    Cant you see my desire?
    Thats the way love goes....

    Janet Jackson

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    and god said,if man has fallen by womAn,then by woman shall he rise again!hehe!!.......just askin.....

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    and god said,if man has fallen by womAn,then by woman shall he rise again!?or NOT!?for the game is afoot dear watson and few be they that find it!?hehe!!.......just askin..

  13. 12-16-2006, 06:57 AM

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    seriously ,have anyone seen in trance state >four golden eagles circling an amber light?

    what do you think of the bible prophesy about the second coming of the messiah being born of the root of david emperor haile selasie of ethiopia

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    What is the little g between all the posts ???

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    meditation is going on top of the float in the swimming pool and dreaming about things that need to be healing to your mind

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    Re: What is Meditation ?

    and then with all the problems in this world caused by the gov there is not much we can do about it, it is going to happen because they are controlled so we have to discuss it and it the truth out in the open and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and and

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    Fizban "The Fabulous" Guest

    Re: What is Meditation ?

    There are numerous philosophies on meditation and people are always asking which is the best one to do. Fortunately, I beleive that there is a universal system underlying all meditative techniques, and that each practice connects you to the Divine source in its own way.

    In other words, do whichever one you prefer, but make sure that it is a true meditation practice, and not simply relaxation.

    Many people confuce meditation with relaxation techniques. But they are distinctly different. Relaxation techniques, such as calming your breathing, imagining that you are in a peacful environment and so on, enourage an alignment of the conscious and sub-conscious mind which generate a calm state. This is relaxation.

    Meditation, however, relsults from an alignment of the conscious and sub-conscious mind, and the super-consciousness or the mind of God. This you can't learn from a book. ou need to 'receive' it by meditation in the presence of, or under the guidance of, someone who has been initiated by a spiritual master and has then undergorn training to do the same for others.

    In a deep meditative state the electrical activity of the brain slows down, moving progressively, down to the theta and delta waves that dominate our creative and healing sleep. The lower the brain waves, the more dominant the Yin becomes and the more the meditation can counter the uncontrolled or pathological Yang energies that result from an intense, high-stress life-style.

    Meditation allows you to fill your body, mind and spirit with a tangible experience of perfection, inner peace, infinity, or unconditional love. Although many people find it hard to establish a regular meditation practice, the benefits are profound. It provides a source of joy and bliss for the rest of the day and enables you to feel good about your self and life in general.

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