This is questionable at best!

I got an email today from someone that said:

Heh Heh,

To add to your Joel Comm misery....

Mike Filsaime just launched....

I mean, what a freaking joke. I can't say that Mike caused it,
because I don't know. know what I do see?

I see a bunch of recognizable names like Armand Morin, John Reese,
Derek Gehl, Rich Schefren, ...

And each of them is an AFFILIATE LINK!!!

This is so dumb. My first impression was that Mike put up this site
and then put big names on there with affiliate programs as the links
just to make all the rest of us "suckers" buy into it like those guys
thought this was a great thing!

After a minute I realized that any idiot could have bought those links
so I can't blame Mike for it. the end...I think you know my feelings on this site.


Now, a word about the "black hat" thing that's going around right now.

It's called

I'm not really sure that protecting your links is "black hat".

In fact, I'm not even really sure what you're paying $247 for.

I looked at it and watched the 3 videos and read some of the bogus
testimonials (I also know some of the testimonials are correct because
I know some of the guys giving them...not that I have any respect
for those people...but I know they're real people).

I still don't know what it is you're buying. I think it's software...but I'm
not sure. And if it is software, I think all it does is make it so people
can't "steal" your links.

Trust me, if someone in this business wants to make the commission
off something you refered them to, they're going to do it.

If the person isn't already familiar with this business, they don't know
anything about it and they're not going to steal your commissions.

I didn't buy it.