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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    Don't ever deposit a strange check. The depositer is legally liable for the amount. Not the bank. What happens is that they credit the account and wait for the check to clear. If it doesn't clear, guess who wants their money back. The bank.

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    before you cash a check, u should cash them at their own bank and if it isn't available then your bank would be more safe not tampered with all the amount you thought you will have. I receive some of those check but gladly there's a phone number and bank name on them. Before I cash those check I search for the bank phone number and then call them if those check are ever legit. I'm so glad I did that. The bank said that the router don't even exist....lucky me. People will do anything to get your money.

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    As you'all mentioned... you're looking for a lawyer to talk to. Well, I hope it helps, but what you're going to have to do is talk to your banks and, possibly, work out some sort of repayment plan or... maybe... your lawyer can negotiate a deal with the banks to forgive the debt... I doubt the banks will go for it, but you've got nothing to loose.

    In the future...

    Whenever you sign and deposit a check... You Are Responsible For It no If's, ands or buts about it.

    All the bank does is act as a clearing house, but when you sign the back of the check you are telling the bank that you will stand behind the check... you have "endorsed" it. When the check bounces the bank has nowhere else to turn other than the person they gave the money to... YOU.

    Good luck with the lawyers

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    A nice little trick to check the routing number is type it into 'Google'. It should come back to the bank on the check.
    Don't know how well this works with overseas banks, but I've never had a problem with US/Canadian checks. Might save you the phone call.

    Also, this scam has been floating around on E-Bay for a few years now. And about two years ago the USPS put out a warning about fake postal money orders being used in the same way. Call the Post Office to check the validity of USPS m/o's.
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