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    6th Fake check site

    check it out...

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    also check out:

    my brother just got scammed with $4600
    The guy going by the name Eugene Vargas, sent a cashier's check with a self addressed envelope.
    Directed him to complete a western union money order for $2000 to an address to the Czech Republic?
    Then another $2000 to another address...
    PNC Bank called to tell him the cashier's check bounced as counterfeit.

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    Both sites are hosted on in China (China Railway Telecommunications Center). Typically, that means that some corrupt Chinese official has been bought off.

    There are a number of other sites on the same server which will all be scam sites too.

    • www.adelyhome.org
    • www.ahollandhome.org
    • www.amartinezhome.org
    • www.ameliahome.org
    • www.apetersonhome.org
    • www.astonehome.org
    • www.avasquezhome.org
    • www.bevanshome.org
    • www.bjacksonhome.org
    • www.bmyershome.org
    • www.bryanhome.org
    • www.bschmidthome.org
    • www.bspencerhome.org
    • www.carmstronghome.org
    • www.ccarlsonhome.org
    • www.cfisherhome.org
    • www.cgarretthome.org
    • www.cmoraleshome.org
    • www.cordiahome.org
    • www.dairahome.org
    • www.dcolemanhome.org
    • www.druizhome.org
    • www.dschmidthome.org
    • www.eandersonhome.org
    • www.eburkehome.org
    • www.ebyrdhome.org
    • www.egrahamhome.org
    • www.elainehome.org
    • www.elenahome.org
    • www.elsiehome.org
    • www.elynahome.org
    • www.erogershome.org
    • www.gfreemanhome.org
    • www.glawsonhome.org
    • www.golsonhome.org
    • www.grobertshome.org
    • www.gsandershome.org
    • www.gwoodshome.org
    • www.hduncanhome.org
    • www.hhendersonhome.org
    • www.hknighthome.org
    • www.jandrewshome.org
    • www.jcampbellhome.org
    • www.jgarretthome.org
    • www.jherrerahome.org
    • www.jholmeshome.org
    • www.jjenkinshome.org
    • www.jmccoyhome.org
    • www.jmillerhome.org
    • www.jpearsonhome.org
    • www.jtuckerhome.org
    • www.jwalkerhome.org
    • www.kandrewshome.org
    • www.kcarlsonhome.org
    • www.kgomezhome.org
    • www.kmcdonaldhome.org
    • www.lgeorgehome.org
    • www.lhendersonhome.org
    • www.lsheltonhome.org
    • www.lwrighthome.org
    • www.mbakerhome.org
    • www.molsonhome.org
    • www.mpaynehome.org
    • www.nmatthewshome.org
    • www.ocarlsonhome.org
    • www.portizhome.org
    • www.rdayhome.org
    • www.rmoraleshome.org
    • www.rwrighthome.org
    • www.sbrownhome.org
    • www.svasquezhome.org
    • www.tberryhome.org
    • www.tharrishome.org
    • www.whopkinshome.org

    All the contact details on these domains are fake, but one interesting lead is the nameservers that all these domains use, which are in the domain NVC39.COM. That's registered to:

    Registration Service Provided By: NVC Hosting
    Contact: [email protected]

    Domain name: NVC39.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    NVC Hosting
    Rik Rain ([email protected])
    V. velikogo 5/3
    Zbaraj, DH 47383

    Technical Contact:
    NVC Hosting
    Rik Rain ([email protected])
    V. velikogo 5/3
    Zbaraj, DH 47383

    Registrant Contact:
    NVC Hosting
    Rik Rain ([email protected])
    V. velikogo 5/3
    Zbaraj, DH 47383

    Status: Locked

    Name Servers:
    Although that outfit claims to be based in Germany, it is actually hosted at which is Brno, Czech Republic. Take a peek on that server, and you can see that there are even more scam sites.

    • www.alinahome.org
    • www.antoniahome.org
    • www.btdelivery.com
    • www.carinahome.org
    • www.carynhome.org
    • www.csai1.net
    • www.eliciahome.org
    • www.elisehome.org
    • www.ichost7843.com
    • www.nhblue.com
    • www.nvc39.com
    • www.nvchosting.com

    It looks pretty clear that the entity "nvchosting.com" is running these sites directly. Although the contact details for nvchosting.com may well be fake, here they are:

    Registration Service Provided By: NVC HOSTING
    Contact: +202.309123

    Domain Name: NVCHOSTING.COM

    NVC Hosting
    William Crump ([email protected])
    12417 Stirrup strasse
    Tel. +202.309123

    Administrative Contact:
    NVC Hosting
    William Crump ([email protected])
    12417 Stirrup strasse
    Tel. +202.309123

    Technical Contact:
    NVC Hosting
    William Crump ([email protected])
    12417 Stirrup strasse
    Tel. +202.309123

    Billing Contact:
    NVC Hosting
    William Crump ([email protected])
    12417 Stirrup strasse
    Tel. +202.309123

    Interestingly, the name servers for THAT domain are on csai.ws, and the contact details are below. csai.ws is also hosted on in Brno.

    Organization Name: NVC Hosting
    First Name: Rik
    Last Name: Rain
    Address 1: V. velikogo 5/3
    Address 2:
    City: Zbaraj
    StateProvince: DH
    PostalCode: 47383
    Country: DE
    Phone: +49.974553234
    Here's a thing - Zbaraj is in the Ukraine, not Germany.

    No definite leads, but I'd suggest that if you've been ripped off, then local law enforcement needs to contact the Czech police in Brno where the scammer's main hosting operations are. Alternatively you can contact their abuse desk directly at abuse -at- skynet.cz, website here and ask them to contact their local police.

    This scam has been reported here too.

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    Quote Originally Posted by tkelley72000
    Originally Posted by Benjamin
    Stop Being Attacked by Scam.com Now!
    This website is in response to a website called Scam.com. Scam.com is a posting forum that allows members (registered users) to post negative information about companies. There is very little moderation of the site and much of the information posted is inaccurate and damaging to the companies.

    We have e-mailed the company numerous times and still the false and damaging information continues to be displayed on the website. We have contacted several companies that have had the same experience. We have decided to take matters into our own hands and force the site to remove negative information about legitimate companies.

    We are doing this by attacking the site where it will hurt – in the pocketbook. Scam.com earns revenue by displaying Google ads. Every time one of these ads is clicked Scam.com earns money. The advertiser that is clicked on pays Google for the click and Google, in turn, pays Scam.com

    This whole plan is based on the following facts:

    Most advertisers do not know where their ads are displayed. They simply sign up through Google and Google displays their ads on web pages with relevant content.
    Most advertisers would not be thrilled to find out there ads are appearing on Scam.com. The visitors to that site are jaded and highly skeptical – not potential customers. Some members have even suggested clicking on advertiser’s ads just to make the advertisers pay more money.
    Google allows advertisers to request that their ads not be displayed on a particular website. This is simple to do in the back office features provided by Google.

    Our attack is simple. We monitor Scam.com daily and see which ads appear on the site. We will then contact those advertisers and explain to them that their ad is appearing on the Scam.com website and give them step by step directions on how to stop their ads from appearing on the site (see sample letter below)

    What will happen?

    Initially very little, but eventually Scam.com’s revenue will start to decline. As more and more advertisers are requesting to be taken off the site, they will see a reduction in revenue until one day they will barely be able to pay their hosting bills.

    What is the Objective?

    Our objective is to have Scam.com remove all negative information about our companies. The information is not true, it is malicious and it is damaging. Once Scam.com removes the negative information, we will shut down this website and stop this attack campaign.

    Who are you?

    We are a group of individuals involved with companies that are being damaged unfairly be Scam.com. We do not post who we are so as not to invite retaliation

    How can Scam.com verify that the information about you is not true?

    We don’t care; we are being hurt and we want the information down.

    What if my company is also being attacked by Scam.com?

    Send an email to [email protected] and we will give you directions on how to join this campaign. If you are part of the campaign (which means you will be sending out letters daily to companies asking them to remove negative information) then you will be on the list of companies that we will demand the information about be removed.

    How are people finding out about this site?

    We are e-mailing companies that have information posted about them on Scam.com and asking that they participate.

    What if I am with scam.com and would like to settle this matter by removing negative postings from our site?

    Email us at [email protected] and we will provide you a list of companies to remove from your site. Keep in mind the list will include companies not participating to avoid retaliation

    Sample Letter

    Subject: You are paying extra for your Ad-words account

    Dear Advertiser,

    I am a fellow business owner who is trying to help you not pay extra for your Google Ad-words campaign. Your ads are appearing on a site called Scam.com. This site attacks many legitimate companies and many of the members and even moderators attack companies with ads appearing on this site. In addition, the members and moderators often click your ad to generate revenue for the site.

    I am not writing to you to sell you anything and I do not want anything from you. I am warning you, as I wish that I would have been warned, that having an ad on this site could damage your business in two ways

    You will pay extra for useless clicks
    You will likely be called a scam on the site and your customers will find that posting when they Google your company
    The solution is simple, to avoid paying extra for false clicks and having Scam.com members attack your company simply log into your Ad-words account and …….

    This will stop your ads from appearing on this site.

    Keep in mind you may get several of these letters. I am part of a group of legitimate business owners that are trying to keep others companies from being damaged by this website.


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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    So, rms2006 - are you saying that astonehome.org is your website? You certainly seem to be upset about all the details being posted here?

    Or are you just a pathetic spammer?

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    That is the same site that use to be alinahome.org

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    To RMS2006:
    It's too bad people like you have to try to screw things up. Many victims of the fake check scam have been prevented by postings on this website. It is a shame that you are trying to stop it. Find something more useful to do with your time, like investigate who is running the scam or write kill letters to the hosting company or something good for god's sake.

    This is an open public forum so people can say whatever they like and I'm sure most posters on this forum don't just post negative things about a company because they have nothing better to do, I'm sure their postings go up immediately after being scammed by phony companies and representatives.

    You claim your website is for a good cause - "stop scam", well then get busy and assist with trying to track down the fake check scammers who are just growing and growing and growing and putting more people in misery by ripping them off and leaving them holding the money bag in addition to facing legal charges. Put your energy to some positive use.

    And.... who cares about revenue from Google ads - it does cost money to update, maintain and host a website. This website has a great cause and serves many people in a positive way - let them have their damn revenue!

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    if you got one of these checks and deposited it and it hasnt it hasnt cleared yet is there anything you can do to protect yourself?

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    Re: 6th Fake check site

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Angel
    if the domain details are false, can't they be reported to ICANN and their domains repo'd???
    In theory, but in practice you'll need to go through the actual domain registrar. In most cases the registrar either

    a) doesn't give a sh*t
    b) is in on the scam

    In this case, the registrar behind it seems to be estdomains.com. Google for estdomains.com and scam and you'll get these results. So, do you think estdomains.com falls into category a) or b)?

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    RIPOFF REport extortion ripoff report extortion ripoff report

    Re you are your company being attacked(EXTORTED) by Ed Magedson and Ripoff report? If so, here is a way to handle this situation. This got my URL or ripoff report removed. Ed and his service providers will say there is no liability for service providers, but then why did they remove mine with just a few phone calls and a couple letters from my attorney.
    Fisrt thing you need to do is to find out who is service providers are. Do a whois search for domain listings. You will be able to see who provides one of his services.
    Puregig has his Ip address, but you can check out who provides bandwidth. There are several different options. I did a who is search and ed was with a company called sterling networks. I called ,e-mailed, and had my Lawyer send them letters leting them know that they are on notice. That they now knew that ed site carries liability for them. At first they they even denied ed as a customer and then tried to act like they have no liability,but atfer about three weeks and us getting ready to do dicovery they are ed removed my ripoff report. Also, just weeks later ed had to switch providers(lol)REmember service providers have acceptable use policy or terms of service that very clearly spells out what they will tolerate. Why do they have this if they have no liability. The service providers can enforce their own policies HMMMM!!.He was no longer with sterling networks
    All you got to do is just let the service providers that you are putting them on notice. Also these companies got money so if you or your company has been hurt you can go after them because ed hides. I GOT MY RIPOFF REPORT REMOVED. A GOOD lawyer can find liability here, but you got to put them on notice first.

    Also, here are some other things you can do:
    1.Contact Arizona attorney general office
    File #CIC 04-210090 Magedson, ed

    You can serve ed at
    Jaburg $ wilk
    3200 n central ave
    phoenix Az 85012

    Contact info for google get your report removed)
    Google Inc.
    Mountian view California
    94043 USA

    Directnic is the regitrar for ed's sites

    Domain servers(I did a whois search)

    NS1.Directnic.com 206.251.1772

    contact your local BBB http://www.dc.bbb.org/report.h tml?national=Y&compid=1038 533 :

    Contact F.B.I:http://www.ifccfbi.gov/i ndex.asp

    the Federal trade commision:
    File # FOIA-2005
    margeret woodson
    https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wso lcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01
    Rememember this Extortion. No service provider will fight this for long.

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    7th Fake Check Website

    Yeh I was almost a victim! OMG...glad I talked to people about it & found out several others w/the unfortunate fate that I almost had. Yep the $4600 check that was made out for me to disperse donations. I've got it sitting right here. Then got to this website that has the thread about the 6th fake website, and saw that Raymond had turned into Allen. I can't believe that people actually do this for a living. How the hell is someone supposed to pay back that amt of money??!! :mad: $200, okay, nothing too major, but that amt?? Oh well, here it is...and the ad that I responded to was sent from CareerBuilder to my email address :eek:


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    Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    Hello Everyone,

    I have recently been a victim of the Fake Check Scam and I decided to do some online research to figure out how this could have happened and i pulled up tons of info i wish i saw before i deposited the stupid check into my bank account and wire it back. Now my bank account has a -2840. Money that i dont have. Can anyone give me advice please.

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    I'm also a victim of a fake check, and as you have been doing i have been researching and i've found information on people with the same problem.
    The check was sent to me by Rafael Chavez to make some charity donations oversees, i sent the money that the bank gave me in cash after the check was suposed to have cleared.

    The bank gave me the money cash and now they don't want to assume any responsabilities in the matter and i have a -$4,228.00, the bank wants me to pay for their ineficiency; when we deposit a check in the bank they are the responsible to find out if the check is fake or not.I advise you to contact your local authorities, file a complaint with the FBI, the post office, econsumer.gov and the financial services of your state, i also have a lawyer prosecuting the bank for irresponsible.

    The bank wants to make me liable for this money, money that i don't have and don't have posibilities to raise.

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    Maybe i should get a lawyer also. Has anyone gotten a lawyer and was able to have a successful lawsuit

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam

    Help someone

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    Re: Victim Of Fake Check Scam


    Bet now you're gonna be more carfull wen u see a bank note on the street saying $2000

    I wonder what the guy is doing with you're money right now? Going aproud, Having first class seats? Wow sounds alot of fun.

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