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    Re: How do we stop to the TB - Tj Show?

    Quote Originally Posted by tony_jenn
    pmpl @ biblemayne how will you ever forgive me? brah, i'm like so sorry dood...

    You crack me up. :D
    Last edited by bibleman; 11-16-2006 at 09:28 PM. Reason: wrong quote...oops

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    tony_jenn Guest

    Re: How do we stop to the TB - Tj Show?

    have a blessed day everyone...may the Lord bless thee and deliver you all from evil...amen

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    tony_jenn Guest

    Re: How do we stop to the TB - Tj Show?

    Quote Originally Posted by bethelight
    Yes I know and i am sorry he went down that road...
    I could jump into defend -- which i probably should have --
    but just tired of going down that slippery slope of pointing fingers... and i was trying to find a diplomatic way of doing it... ok?

    prime example of what blaze33 was saying :cool:

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    tony_jenn Guest

    Re: How do we stop to the TB - Tj Show?

    Quote Originally Posted by bethelight
    Ok just look at this statement and pretend you were talking to Jesus .. ouch .

    I am so sorry I started this thread -- but i could see things
    going down the wrong road...
    Nobody's reputation is ruined ... repent and move on .. i beg of you .. ok

    again another example of false accusations

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    tony_jenn Guest

    Re: How do we stop to the TB - Tj Show?

    Quote Originally Posted by HotParadox
    Our good LADY MODERATOR is going to humble you, allright, nevermind what SUB'S going to do, if you're indeed doing a little scam tap-dance on our heads, Tony. :p

    "Will the real tony_jenn please stand up, please stand up." (Courtesy of Eminem, The Eminem Show/tony_jenn, The tony_jenn Show)
    thanks for all the support sisters?

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