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    Hi to all - new member
    I have recently registered with datasubmitoperator - has anyone heard of or had any experiences with this one ?


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    Re: Datasubmitoperator

    I have posted this question on here before and everyone told me it was a scam and to stay away. I didn't sign up because of that. If it works out for you let me know and maybe I'll give it a try.

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    Re: Datasubmitoperator

    What was the joining fee and what work are you doing?

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    Re: Datasubmitoperator

    Hi Folks, and thank you for the replies.

    To rptinto : Wish I had found this site before I registered - it would seem that your info was correct. I have sent an e-mail to them today asking when (if????) I will be paid for the work I have done, and will post any reply on this forum.

    To pc work : The joining fee was $29.97.
    The work I have been given is to search the web for free classified ad sites and post ads on them for datasubmit. I have been doing this for a couple of weeks and have not received any payment yet (see comment above).

    I will post any further info as I get it.
    Thanks again

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    Re: Datasubmitoperator

    Hmmmmm, coincidentally i was checking out the site today and came across this site to check its validity, hmmmmmmm i read what u guys had wrote and said lettme post a comment or concern on their site before i decided to pay through paypal (39.97US) i am waiitng for their response,lol, i am sure i will be waiting for quite a long time , i will check back tom to seee if they reply, but it seems a bit dodgyy!!

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    Re: Datasubmitoperator

    Some Known Scam Websites

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    - SBPunjab.com/softonline.html

    - DataSubmitOperator.com

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