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    Why Paid Mentoring Programs Just Take Your Money

    I tried Dream Team,Mentors In Motion,which is where the Dream Team came from originally,Mentors On A Mission,Success Univerity,and several others just to name a few.One thing they all have in common is that they charge you alot of money,and you don't get good results as far as growing your business goes.I joined a team that is actually FREE,and taught me alot then anyone else ever has.The founder of the team believes in serving with a servant's heart,give back to the community that gave him help years ago.This isn't a business opportunity that you sell because,again,it's FREE.This is a team of people who help others succeed in their own businesses.They show you how to build your own team with whatever company you are with,and without buying leads or hitting on friends and family.They show you how to even do advertising for your business either free or for very little money.They also teach you what to look for in a business for those who don't have a business yet.They even help you grow as a person,and many other things.One thing I learned about network marketing is that it's about self growth before you even get into the business aspect.It's just like they say,you must love yourself first before you can love others.It's no different with network marketing.When you grow as a person,your business will automatically grow as well like a domino effect.There are well over 200 companies to choose from to start a business with,but only a handful of good companies.Many have great products,but bad business structure and comp plan.Some even have bad products and bad comp plan,or even a good one.You need both a great product AND great comp plan to truely succeed.Most of all,it's about promoting YOU,not your company.They don't try to get you into a company they may be with because each team member belongs to their own company.They don't make a dime off of you.They have their own business to make money with.This team is about helping people and educating them in many ways.I love helping others so when I found this team,I knew this was for me.There is actually a team like this that does exist.They have actually become my family,not just networking friends.If you want to know more all FREE,then visit my site and download the free E-Book.Email me and let me know what you think.Enjoy.

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    Re: Why Paid Mentoring Programs Just Take Your Money

    Can you spell M-a-i-l-i-n-g L-i-s-t boys and girls?

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