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    "The Golden Backdoor" by Encore Products Inc.

    Just received another flyer from Vicky Smith. It talks about making money directly out of the internet without having a website, a product or messing around with the usual internet marking techniques. There's no face-to-face selling, buying & selling on eBay. The name of the product is The Golden Backdoor, and if you want to purchase it, you're suppose to mail your money to Encore Products, Inc. So if anyone knows what they're about, let me know.


    gcooly69 :)

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    Re: "The Golden Backdoor" by Encore Products Inc.

    I get those from time to time and received another today.

    I read in another forum exactly what the Golden Backdoor is.

    Basically, it's marketing ClickBank affiliate links offline. The idea is that you choose a product being marketed via ClickBank in your selected niche. You then get a domain that is related to it. Instead of setting up a website, you set up a single page that redirects to the vendor's site using your affiliate link.
    You then market your site offline, such as advertising in magazines, newspapers etc.

    For example, you find something on ClickBank about fishing. You buy a doomain such as www.TheFishingExpert.co.uk, and then you put a classified advert in the fishing magazines, quoting your domain.

    You can pick up eBooks that tell you how to do this for about 1.99.
    "The Golden Backdoor" is 77.

    I think I know where the real golden backdoor is!

    The claims about having no website are kind of true, because your page does an immediate redirect to the vendor's site.
    You could do it without a PC, but you'd need access to one to buy your domain, check your sales, etc.

    Technically, you don't even need to register a domain. Just quote a link created at www.tinyurl.com. That way you can direct them straight to the vendor's site with your affiliate link, but with your affiliate ID hidden.

    The cunning trick about The Golden Backdoor is that it's being pushed by Fleet Street Publications and Agora Publications. They carry a lot of weight and mail to a lot of people. If you print a glossy sales letter and get it distributed by them it seems you can bump the price of your eBooks right up.
    I might have to see how much they charge to distribute to their mailing list. It might be worth using the same trick of hyping up a tired old eBook and selling it to unsuspecting people for an over-inflated price.

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    Re: "The Golden Backdoor" by Encore Products Inc.

    I actually purchased this e-book in November of 2005. I subscribe to a handful of Agora's product which I have personally found head and shoulders above anything else concerning investing in paper assets or businesses.

    I was able to make money with it right away. Sure the REAL golden back door is the e-book but you can EASILY recoup the cost of the e-book if you just follow the directions. Seemed easy enough for me but it may be too much work for others.

    In fact, now that I pull out my reciept, this came as a BONUS in a package deal I ordered concerning Google Adwords that cost around 98 US dollars and has been worth it's weight. Now, this is just my personal experience on my wooden nickel! :)
    Cash Back on Everything You Buy Online For Life!

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    Re: "The Golden Backdoor" by Encore Products Inc.

    I originally and found the golden backdoor on the ETR website. I was a little hesitant because of ad was a little out there. Anyways, bought it for about $75 and I think it ended up being a pretty good deal.

    I've had a bit of success, just not enough time to apply the principals (too many other projects going).

    Has anyone tried any other similar products?
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    Re: "The Golden Backdoor" by Encore Products Inc.

    so seeing as the previous poster just explained in simple english exactly how it worked, why the hell would anyone want to pay for it? Even if shills with 2 or 3 posts to their name come on here and bleat 'oh yes, I bought it, it owrked for me, please use more vaseline big boy'.???

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