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    Re: single mom needs work from home?

    Woah! Hold on, you don't have to invest MONEY in online bla bla bla. Where do you live? Search for a community college that has Medical Transcriptioning. I went to LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, UT and graduated this year with three certificates, two of which I can work at home with. Medical Coding and Medical Transcriptioning. I graduated with these in less than 2 years! Not only that, but I'm currently working for a company that is home-based and I will start at $10 an hour, once my internship is completed. I'M ONLY 20!!!! The best part about it, is it's all on a computer. One of the transcriptionists was telling me about a day her boys were sick. She went in the family room, turned on a tv, sat next to them and worked! You pick ANY 4 hours in a day you want to work, and they are SOOO awesome! If you want more info, I will be MORE than happy to help. This job is the only reason I went to college, so I can work from home! [email protected].
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    Re: single mom needs work from home?

    Quote Originally Posted by honestconsumer

    When you can afford to pay to have your own website set up, I would suggest you check out my link below. I'm a stay at home mom and I do very well with the techniques I've learned from the Ultimate Wealth Package. I wouldn't promote it if I didn't truly believe it. I don't have money to waste either. I'm already working on other websites just from what I learned from Mark's Warren's info. Scam it is not . . . you do have some learning to do with it, but anything worthwhile takes some effort. What I like is that I can stay home and still make money!!

    UWP is garbage. I am not going to make any other comment because I will just get too fired up.

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    Re: single mom needs work from home?

    After researching many home based business opportunities, I have found one that stands out from all the rest. They have an amazing product that everyone can benefit from, with no storage or shipping of any kind. Their compensation plan is great, $1,000 per transaction, and you don't have an up line that you have to share with! This company has a simple, easy to use process with great support and training available. With this opportunity, I was able to continue being an at home mom, and provide a great income for my family. If you interested in learning more about this opportunity, visit my website at www.path2prosperity.info.

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