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Thread: PPV Chat

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    PPV Chat

    I was looking for an adult chat script and this is exactly what I wanted. There are a couple things that are scaring me with this product though. Although I can't find anything bad on this script, that have a special that states "Special Offers: 20% Discount for Wire Transfer, Western Union or Moneybookers Orders" which sounds very sketchy.

    Also, On hotscripts, it says that the script can be leased for $49/month, when I emailed them about it, the said that they do not offer a leasing program. I really want this script or something very similar, but I don't know if it is worth the risk. Anybody have any experience with this software or something like it?

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    Re: PPV Chat

    I am not familiar with Adult script. But, if they are offering a 20% discount by Western Union or Wire transfers it is most likely a scam. Save your money.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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