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Thread: Data Entry 32?

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    Data Entry 32?

    Does anyone have any experience with the following company " J-Masters Wholesale"? Visit http://www.dataetnry32.com

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    Re: Data Entry 32?

    There is a ton of stuff on that site screaming "SCHEME". Just his definition of what makes his site legitimate is hilarious. Here is the "real" jmasters wholesale website and it doesn't say anything about hiring people to figure out the difference in costs for customers and the contact information is completely different:


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    Re: Data Entry 32?

    It's hard to find a diamond in the rough anywhere and even harder on the net. You get what you pay for and if you have time to do data entry, get yourself a course on internet marketing and learn how not to be scammed.There are no shortcuts to learning, but you don't have to make all the mistakes i made. I know a couple of good courses, p.m. me if you want to know more. thanks Chip

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