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    Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    the story...

    i was selling some rims on craigslist houston not stopping to take a look and read the damn warnings they post on foriegn buyers. so i get a email from [email protected] wanting to buy the rims. long story he sends me a cashiers check for 3k i cashed it (not deposit) on friday (11-3-06) and i basically western union him all his money back leaving me with 100 bucks so by now im really suspicious and i finally read craigslist scam post yesterday and behold ive been scammed, the cashiers check is fraudulent my bank hasnt posted anything yet on it being a fraud. now he emailed today asking for the 100 bucks. I have not responded to him yet i dont want him to know that i know ive been scammed. he has my name, home number & my address only. just those three pieces of personal information. I have his number wich is more thank likely a throw-away cell i had his mailing info but i deleted it from my email list. I have the western union receipts.

    ive tried getting ahold of my bank but ive gotten nowhere with them no response.

    im going to report this to the FTC.

    i need some advice anything info is apreciated!


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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    im African im from Dallas and Nigerian i am in Houston for school at UH now and i can tell you now if the guy sounds African or name is only take cash Houston is one of the fastest growing cities of fraud with checks and credit cards you were dumb for taking a check in the first place i am of ashamed Africans are doing this but its true you will not get nothing i hope you catch him.

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    Definitely sucks to hear that man. Why did he send you a cashiers check to begin with? Also why did you send it back? I guess I'm a bit confused...

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    yes i am a dumb stupid idiot thank you for clarifying.

    the reason why i sent it back:

    when i got the 3000 check and cashed it i took my half 650 (the cost of the rims). then the remainder 2350 - wired to his so called buddy in spain who goes by the name "kingsley ifemah" to ship the rims when he gets in u.s.a. then after i gave him the MTC# he emailed me back asking for me to send him 550 out of my 650 and keep 100 because his daughter was ill. i sent it to nigeria to his name Mark Smith. on monday i find all this out on craigslist that its the 419 nigerian scam.

    i probably just funded some terrorists. now the stuff about his ill daughter i knew he was B.S.ing so i sent it anyway thinking everything was cool i had 100 left and i still had my rims so i sent it not knowing the check was a fake. there were alot of red flags but it just didnt hit me about the check until i got curious and read the craigslist post.

    so here i am 3000 dollars in the hole.

    you know its funny i joined this site using the information to get gifts easily from these gift sites now im here - scammed - posting my story. ive been comming to this website for about a year.

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    maybe there is a way i scam him? i dont think he knows yet that i know that he scammed me....


    maybe if i email him saying i just came upon a large sum of money and i wish to donate a portion to him and his ill daughter request his address then mail him a fraud cashiers check or send him some anthrax.

    i gotta get this dude back.

    i need ideas.


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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jus7o
    i gotta get this dude back.

    i need ideas.



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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    thanks cruiser girl! i love this website!!!!

    im going to get his ass to carve me a chair and sell it on ebay for 3000!

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    your screwed sorry...once its outside the usa, you cant be held

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    yeah im comming to grips with my situation and trying to make the best of it but im alive just alittle set back here.

    419eater.com is cheering me up

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    Dude, didn't this whole thing sound even remotely sketchy? I mean Nigeria, that is textbook for sure. Have you talked with your bank about the whole mess in hopes they will forgive the situation? I really do hope it all works out for you man, I'd hate to be in your shoes....

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    i did talk to my bank and also reported it to the FTC both tell me theres nothing - NO-THING they can do. FTC tells me there is not enough solid proof to catch these criminals. so im just going to take it.

    im okay thanks to the forum for posting the 2000 check gift i did.

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jus7o
    maybe there is a way i scam him? i dont think he knows yet that i know that he scammed me....

    i'm pretty sure he knows you know he scammed you....

    sucks to be you pal.... the worst part is the nigerian scammers are getting away with it.... even the nigerian police have problems catching up and nailing these jerks....

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    Perhaps Interpol can help? This matter is of international import you know
    Never start the day without some skepticism. My absolutely fave sites:
    Subscriber -
    Avid follower-SCAM.COM
    Loyal fan - Shameless
    Moderator - SomethingAwful
    Fanatic -Crank Dot Net
    Proudly, 2300 post Contributor - Epinions Network

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    he got me for 2900 plus the 5 dollar returned check fee from my bank 2905.
    I just think when the law changes for cashiers checks to be verified before the bank cashs it people will not have to go through the same shi* i did. Banks need to have a policy on this too.

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!


    This information was developed through my OWN research, contacts, experience and intelligence and IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE

    WARNING : The following tactics may cause run of the mill attorneys with neither balls NOR brains to wet their pants and decline to help you out of their own COWARDICE. DO NOT CAVE IN TO THESE CHICKENS***S unless you can afford to THROW AWAY YOUR MONEY

    I encourage you to PRINT THIS PAGE TWICE so you miss NONE of this, and take ONE copy to your attorney of choice. Discuss it at length with them, and if they REFUSE to do this for you EXACTLY as YOU MUST INSIST, then they are only seeking settlements and not JUSTICE FOR YOU, which should tell you everything you need to know about THEM. Furthermore, DO NOT leave this info WITH THEM...if they want to keep this ANYWHERE have them make their OWN NOTES.

    I repeat... This IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE AND I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY. I just happen to HATE MOST ATTORNEYS, as by and large they are mostly duplicitous snakes in the grass OR in black robes.

    Banks DO have a policy!

    That policy is: "We are never wrong, hope your butt doesn't hurt."

    The FTC couldn't care less about international fraud, it is NOT THEIR JOB... SERIOUSLY!

    Interpol? Don't make me laugh... they LOVE watching americans get F*****

    If it doesn't involve billions, as far as they are concerned, it is not worth their time,

    You have been had, but there "may" be a way out.


    IF you have credit cards through them, GET RID OF THEM NOW because the bank CAN AND WILL CHARGE YOUR CARD FOR THE MONEY if you have insufficient cash to cover it in your accounts!!! I have seen this MANY times- don't doubt me, just DO IT or lose your butt.

    Re-establish an account ELSEWHERE and say NOTHING to bank 1 before you do, or else your problems follow you BY REFERRAL, and they WILL destroy your credit if you have good credit references NOW and fight them for THEIR NEGLIGENCE. DO NOT admit to EVER having HAD an account with BANK 1 as you establish your accounts with BANK 2.

    GET rid of EVERYTHING associated with the first bank as it is LEVERAGE to use AGAINST YOU.

    They WILL hammer your credit rating, and you can BET ON IT.


    Establishing a TOTALLY SEPARATE account entirely unrelated to bank 1 before they have a CHANCE to screw you gives you a viable platform from which to PROVE your continued validity as a GOOD CREDIT RISK no matter WHAT they say later.

    If you WAIT you LOSE, and your credit rating goes to GARBAGE unless you CAVE IN and either hand them the cash if you have it, or they FORCE YOU to take a LOAN TO COVER IT!

    Now, note this: IF they make you take a loan, you will be paying well beyond what they SAY you owe them due to INTEREST CHARGES.
    Same with your credit cards!

    This particular scam makes banks LOADS of money... can you now see why they have ZERO interest in making it illegal and enforceable?

    NO bank should EVER CASH a check or MONEY ORDER they cannot verify.
    These people at the bank are NOT stupid, but they damn sure think YOU ARE, and they WILL treat you as such.

    Buyer beware ALSO applies to THEM.

    THEY have assumed responsibility by cashing the darn thing instead of DEMANDING that you deposit it.

    They DO NOT DO SO because they hand you the ILLUSION that they are "serving" you by cashing it. Actually, they will cash it knowing full well that they can SCREW the money out of YOU if you still bank there!
    (and sometimes,even if you do NOT) pay attention!

    WHO is it that claims to be an expert @ money? BANKERS!

    What is a "cashiers check"?

    Technically,the same as cash!


    Because a "cashiers check" is NOT drawn from a checking account like your personal checks are...

    You (figuratively) present CASH to the "cashier" who directly deposits said "cash" into the ISSUING BANKS MASTER ACCOUNT and then the BANK issues the "CASHIERS CHECK" backed by funds in the BANKS master account, NOT an individual depositors account.

    This is what "allegedly" makes it impossible to DENY the validity of it. This does NOT however, apply to international banking, as the PRIVATE COMPANY that IS the FEDERAL RESERVE does NOT extend its laws and rules around the world.


    By virtue of them accepting and cashing this "cashiers check" without verifying it, I believe an attorney can establish "constructive receipt and acceptance" on their (the banks) OWN authority.

    If you can get them to CLAIM THAT TITLE OF FINANCIAL EXPERT in front of
    your attorney, I suspect that they would not like the idea of you proving that their "expertise" leaves their duped and trusting customers wide open and bent over while they apply the lubricant AND take sloppy seconds!

    You will HAVE TO establish the fact that it is THEIR screw up and negligence as "MONEY EXPERTS" that they THINK gives them the "right" to come after YOU for THEIR mistake.

    I believe the bank holding YOU responsible for THEIR ERRORS can be addressed as FRAUD, no matter WHAT your ACCOUNT AGREEMENTS say, and you better get HARD COPIES of those agreements that apply to your account immediately... BEFORE the dookie hits the rotating cooling device, as we all know what shredders are for.

    Your attorney (I REPEAT: YOU BETTER GET ONE NOW) can readily establish the fact that DECADES ago the legal precedent was set that fraud destroys ANY CONTRACT and a contract is EXACTLY what your "depositors agreement" is.

    Be sure you leave NO PATH WHATSOEVER for them to backcharge you, short of filing a lawsuit, which INVITES YOU TO CALL THEM POOR STEWARDS OF THE PUBLIC TRUST, and you MUST do so in the NOISIEST fashion possible to absolutely assure that they see THEIR name getting BAD PRESS. Bad press which COSTS THEM MONEY AND REPUTATION.

    In fact, if YOU sue THEM FOR FRAUD in a FEDERAL COURT I bet they will run HAPPILY to the VAULTandcomebackwith cash to SHUT YOU UP so you do no DAMAGE to THEIR REPUTATION.

    IMMEDIATELY get yourself a PREPAID LEGAL account, as you WILL be needing a lawyer, and PP Legal can and does help reudce legal fees.
    (I use them,and it is worth every PENNY)
    Wait for your bank to TRY and SUE YOU for THEIR STUPIDITY IN CASHING IT, which opens the door to YOU placing into TRIAL RECORDS a clear account of THEIR NEGLIGENCE and attempts to DEFRAUD YOU for THEIR NEGLIGENCE.

    NOTE: Make MASSIVE page by page copies of every last such scam you can find on the internet for your defense... YOU found them ONLY after being VICTIMISED because you DO NOT HAVE the BILLIONS of dollars in legal and research resources that THE BANK HAS ACCESS TO.

    FORCE the BANK to admit 1 of 2 things, BOTH of which are GUARANTEED LOSER PROPOSITIONS..

    Continued in next post!

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    Re: Ive been scammed on craigslist!!

    1, with all their resources throughout their own bank AND through the FEDERAL RESERVE they were TOO STUPID TO KNOW THIS WAS GOING ON
    ( a BLATANT LIE)

    or 2, THEY KNEW AND F***** YOU ANYWAY thinking they could get the money out of you for THEIR FRAUD.

    BOTH of these positions show the BANK in a VERY bad light... the kind of light that makes them smell a LOT like a CESSPOOL!

    There are also a few other items about this that you MUST consider...

    ANY courtroom in which the AMERICAN FLAG has a YELLOW FRINGE puts you OUTSIDE CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY as that fringe signifies ADMIRALTY LAW... that is, the LAW of INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS.

    For reasons which I have no need to discuss here, we are now under ADMIRALTY LAW but you STILL have the right to demand to see which contract you EVER KNOWINGLY SIGNED which said that YOU ACCEPT any liability from FRAUD advanced or perpetrated by OTHERS.

    You also need to know this:

    If you have charge cards, you will have a statement SOMEWHERE on or WITH your bill that says (more or less)

    >> you have 30 days to question the validity of this bill...if you do NOT question this bill, it is PRESUMED TO BE ACCURATE and you WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for those amounts after 30 days should you NOT question or DENY them<<<

    This general statement makes your "bill" what is known as a "presentment"

    You should know that a presentment allows you the absolute RIGHT to DENY THE VALIDITY OF ANY CLAIM AGAINST YOU, and if you neither RECOGNISE NOR USE that right, you >> may << lose your defense against ANY claim levelled against you by DEFAULT.

    If my research and my PhD attorney is correctly quoted, the best response to ANY "presentment" sent to you that you question the validity of, (particularly from the IRS)
    is as follows:

    Your presentment is DISHONORED
    Without Prejudice, UCC 1-207
    XX your signature here XX


    And I SHOULDN'T have to say this, but if you write "yoursignaturehere"
    instead of your SIGNED NAME, you are FAR too stupid for me to have ever wasted my time on.

    IF you find an attorney that will discuss this,YOU MUST have the attorney EXPLAIN TO YOU IN DETAIL what the statement above means in its entireity.

    Any attorney who CAN not or WILL NOT handle this explanation to your satisfaction (which SHOULD include SPECIFIC LEGAL TEXT YOU CAN RECITE FROM MEMORY) is setting your case up to FAIL, as the JUDGES WILL MAKE YOU DEFINE IT IF YOU USE IT, and if you do NOT KNOW THIS DEFINITION AND EXPLANATION CHAPTER AND VERSE, YOU WILL LOSE.

    Hopefully, you have understood all this.



    NOTHING IN OR BELOW THIS LINE is to be included in what you show ANY ATTORNEY

    Wonder why I feel this way? go to:

    or ANTISHYSTER, as can be found through MOST search engines... I say MOST, as some have resorted to CENSORSHIP in an effort to derail TRUTH and ACCOUNTABILITY.




    (note: As time goes by, the FEDERAL RESERVE PLANS TO OWN THE WORLD; who the hell do you think OWNS every last moron who pushes the agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER?

    If you have no idea what the FEDERAL RESERVE is all about you might want to look up a book called THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND.

    These people create money from THIN AIR with nothing more than a bookkeeping entry and make you pay INTEREST on it.

    THIS HAS BEEN CLEARLY DEFINED AS FRAUD and is exactly how MORTGAGES are created... hint hint

    If you understand what I have written so far, hit the search engines for "First National Bank of Montgomery vs. Jerome Daly" IN THE JUSTICE COURT, STATE OF MINNESOTA, COUNTY OF SCOTT, TOWNSHIP OF CREDIT RIVER December 7, 1968 http://www.worldnewsstand.net/money/...oney-case.html)

    prepare to take a huge steaming dump in your pants as you understand the import of this case with regard to ANY mortgage, any LOAN and ANY BANK in the USA

    I would also hazard a guess that the attorney you BETTER GET has never heard of it, or WILL NOT ADMIT TO HEARING OF IT, as the FIX is IN.



    tactical note: as your attorney WILL be BOMBARDED with objections from any opposing attorney- presuming they are worth their pay, your lawyer MUST phrase each instance very carefully in order to avoid getting hammered by the judge as he WILL NOT LIKE seeing YOUR lawyer make mincemeat of the lawyer for the bankers. This is due to the fact that the BANKERS, the JUDGES, and the ENTIRE BAR ASSOCIATION are now ON THE SAME TEAM !!!

    You have to understand that THIS INCLUDES YOUR LAWYER as he too MUST BE a member of the BAR in order to PRACTICE LAW.

    example: the opposing attorney yells OBJECTION when YOUR attorney refers to the BANK as engaging in FRAUD.

    Your attorney CAN NOT ASK the judge IF HE SUPPORTS FRAUD in order to STOP the OBJECTION or the JUDGE WILL TAKE IT PERSONALLY and MAY hold YOUR attorney "in contempt of court" as it makes the JUDGE and the COURT LOOK BAD.

    Your attorney CAN however simply say "certainly your honor doesn't support fraud" to which the judge CAN NOT ANSWER affirmatively or he tips his hand to the entire jury... and you damn well better INSIST on a JURY TRIAL if YOU decide to SUE THEM.

    something else just crossed my mind... ANY attempt by the bank that you have PROOF OF (HARD COPIES) regarding THEM trying to take YOUR money should be treated like the HOLY GRAIL, as I do not think you can claim they are "trying" to defraud without it.

    The very SECOND you get ANY paperwork from them regarding THEM wanting YOU to pay for their negligence,you MUST find a place to get CERTIFIED COPIES of not only the ORIGINAL, but with your PRESENTMENT REPLY as noted above, and NOTARIZE IT through an independent notary. I am NOT sure, but there MAY or MAY NOT be specific advantages to NOT having YOUR OWN ATTORNEYS NOTARY verify your signature. Too many idiotic little details depend on your STATE LAWS.


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