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    Be careful with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com

    I just want to warn you about a personal loan website that scams people of their money.
    It's: www.1000-easy-payday-loan.com
    I needed some cash in August and applied for a loan with them.
    It seems that they trick you by not giving you the money you are "approved" for and collecting payments from your bank account for months after they "approved" your loan. It adds up to hundreds of dollars on a small initial loan. If you stop payment from your account, ACA collecting agency is after you because "you breached the contract" with them.
    I reported them to FTC. I also talked to Attorney General Office. I received my money back, but now I am watching my credit report for farther collections.
    Just want to share the experience so other people don't buy to their "contract".
    Have a great day.

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    Re: Be careful with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com

    :mad: I wish I had read your posting before I signed up with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com. I have yet to receive the funds that I was approved for. I signed up with them on Monday. They said I was approved and by Tuesday had a recording on their phoneline telling me that they were going to deduct 60 from my account on Tuesday of next week. Well, I have nothing from them. I have sent them two faxes cancelling and warning them that I would report them to the authorities. Of course, their system is completely automated and you cannot actually TALK to a PERSON. Thank you for your advice and I am warning anyone out there. DO NOT TAKE A LOAN WITH 1000-easy-payday-loan.com! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!

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    Re: Be careful with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com

    The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a typical 14 day loan is 782.14%
    How desperate were you? This is almost loan shark rate.

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    Re: Be careful with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com

    I'm sorry about what happened to you but thanks for the warning. Good thing I didn't sign up with the 1000-easy-payday-loan.com. There are many payday loans out there and we have to be extra careful when it comes to selecting which one we're going to enroll in. People can't blame us if we sign up for this kind of loans. We just can't sit back and relax when we're in desperate need of money. Sadly, there are a ton of naysayers out there who think it is a poor choice to offer fast cash to consumers in the form of installment payday cash advances. These people have obviously never been in a circumstance where they needed fast cash without dealing with a credit check. The loans are there to help people in tough situations.
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    Re: Be careful with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com

    Last month I did a lot of searches about quick loans thank God I didt get to this website.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Re: Be careful with 1000-easy-payday-loan.com

    Any domain names with sketchy -'s in it are scams most of the time.

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