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    $6 By Six Millions

    Good Morning Everyone! I am a newbie here, very informative site. I keep getting emails from this site http://prosix2.fateback.com. Has anyone every joined before. I have been thinking of joining to make some extra money before Christman. I know it's ONLY $6, heck, that's a Venti Starbucks. Thanks for any replies!

  2. 11-08-2006, 01:00 AM

    entered it twice

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    TheRealStraightShooter Guest

    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    $6 sounds affordable. I'm not sure why you would need feedback from a scam forum on investing $6 in something.

    Personally, stacks of money with a picture of a lady drinking coffee at her computer, which is seen 300000 other places online, doesn't exactly scream legit business opp to me. That's just me though. Try it out and tell everyone what it's all about. I'd be interested to know how many upsells come with your $6 initial order.

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    Planet Gong

    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    He's shilling for that d-mned $6 chain-letter.

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    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    I decided to say what the heck...it's only $6. I mean is not going to break me. I know the website looks corny as hell. I took the money I would use to play the lottery and put it to work for me. In just a few days I have made my money back and then some. Not to bad. Don't worry I wont post my own website on here. I have enough leads from other sources to make me money. Good luck!

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    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    I was thinking about trying this page out, I was wondering if anyone besides the OP gave it a shot & has some information on it?

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    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    It makes you money about a $100 or so a week depending on how much you advertise it, but fair warring to get your site set up with your links you can do it yourself for free, but it looks complicated or you can have them do it for you for $10. The only bad part is paypal limited my account and then closed it so becareful.

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    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    you do know it is illegal right?


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    Re: $6 By Six Millions

    Good grief - what a load of crap.

    It's only $6. So what? It's a scam and it's illegal.

    I made my money back. Yes I expect you did - by scamming other poor suckers.

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