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    Iraq for sale, The war profiteers

    Go into Iraq see what your tax dollars are being used listen to the troops as they tell what they are getting, listen to the employees of KBR tell you how their company consitently ripps off the american taxpayer, shocking and a real eye opener. This is a movie once you watch you wont be able to stop talking about. This is an excellent explanation of how the militay industrial complex works and the mass coruption of these companies. Iraq for sale is now available to watch for free at google video.

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    Re: Iraq for sale, The war profiteers

    Iraq is for sale, and the Chinese are going to purchase it! They have a say in the oil fields too....

    Iraq's oil is on the line and the U.S is going to lose it if it doesn't do anything...like take out the insurgents.

    All in all, this war has been a learning lesson for the United STates Of America..

    All government branches have each learned a hard lesson in Guerrilla tactics and ethnic war....

    This war is lost!
    Bush should admit it!
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    Re: Iraq for sale, The war profiteers

    Letís reinstate the draft, and see how many wars will have after that. NONE!!!

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    Re: Iraq for sale, The war profiteers

    Iracs is for sale? Who would wanna buy it XD

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