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    Republican, Democrat ? Why I'm Voting GOP


    Tuesday is a very important day for this nation as is every election day. In a Constitutional society like ours there are two days that prove how great this country is and show the world what a truly free society is capable of. One is Presidential Inauguration day which portrays a smooth transfer of government based on a Constitutional provision that began with George Washington. The second is Election Day. Whether it is a Presidential year or a Mid Term election when the American people vote the entire world watches and observe how a free Constitutional society voices the will of the people to the government. Election Day proves that regardless of partisan politics or the ramblings that take place in the halls of Congress, the White House or the media the people of this nation still decide who will represent them at all government levels. We have the freedom to voice our opinion, disgust, favor, ideas or rantings to our elected representatives at any time by mail, phone, e-mail or even personal visit. Our representatives also have the freedom to listen or not when we express out thoughts to them. But on Election Day the will of the people truly shines, for elected representatives are bound by the law through our Constitution to listen to the people as our vote either removes or places them in office. This power by the people given to us by the Founding Fathers also insures that those same representatives in order to keep their jobs must listen to us even when they are not running for office. When they do not listen then we the people have the freedom to remove them from office by our vote or keep them in office if they listen or offer to us the best course that we as individual voters believe will best lead this nation. This is a fundamental privilege given us by the Constitution and as free Americans one we should exercize whenever possible. This Tuesday is one of those opportunities and as free Americans we must choose who we believe will offer what is best for this nation. So as a free American I will now share with you why I choose to vote Republican on Tuesday.

    There are several issues that voters will base their decision on as they enter the voting booth on Tuesday. Some of those pertain to their individual locality or state and will influence their vote on that level. Their are also issues that pertain to the nation as a whole and those are what I base this commentary of my vote upon.

    National Security - This is the foremost issue facing us today and while both parties have made claim to this issue only one by word and deed has proven that they are the party of National Security. Republicans with admitted mistakes have followed an agenda that provides for the security of this nation in light of the current threat posed by Islamic terrorism and its implications to this nation and the world which also involves The United States. Republicans do not see any answer to our nations security being found in the United Nations alone as do many Democrats. Though we work in and with the UN to find solutions when the protection of this nation is considered the GOP understands that we alone decide what is best for America. Democrats have continually called for the United States to bow to the wishes of the UN and as such yield much of our soverienty to this corrupt world body. We are a nation at war, a war that is different from any ever fought. Wars of the past have been fought to reclaim land, to defeat a dictator, to end attempts by countries to force other nations to come under their rule. This war threatens not only our society but the very principles of freedom that we were founded upon. We fight an ideology that desires the end to those principles and everyone who lives by them and basks in their freedom. This fight has taken on global purportions and requires every means available to defeat this enemy. Republicans understand that the only way to defeat this enemy is to meet them at a place of our choosing rather than waiting for them to once again attack our home. That is why we fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both countries have been identified by this enemy as battlefields in a war they declared on us long before we understood that we were at war. The enemy has expressed through its leaders their desire to defeat the US in both Iraq and Afghanistan and their proclamation that leaving either would be a victory for them and a defeat for us. Republicans know this and will continue the fight while adapting to every situation in this war as that situation demands. Democrats believe that leaving Iraq would stop the , "insurgency, " though the enemy has declared otherwise. Many Democrats believe that courts alone with useless indictments will stop terrorism, a policy that has failed in the past. Many Democrats believe that a redeployment to Okinawa will give the US the necessary means to fight terrorism, this while the battlefield in Iraq still rages. They believe that Iraq is a failure. I ask them then to ask our men and women in the military who believe otherwise and the Iraqis who though facing much have prospered and found freedoms they have never before experienced. Republicans know the necessity of staying until the mission is complete and that it takes the courts, the military, law enforcement and terrorism survelience programs to gather intelligence to defeat this enemy. Democrats would remove many of those capabilities and cut and run. If you still believe they won't then ask Senator Joe Lieberman, (I CONN), a life long member and supporter of the Democrat Party and has voted with Democrats 95% of the time who understands as the Republicans do the necessity of Iraq and this war and has based his position on personal visits and his conscience, yet because he disagreed with the party they cut and run from his re-election bid forcing him to run as an independent, an election he will win despite the party abandonment.

    Illegal Immigration - While both parties have a less than stellar record on this subject the Republicans are now making steps to begin dealing with the situation. This particular issue is one of the most important reasons for a GOP majority in the House. Senate Republicans along with a majority of Democrats support a comprehensive idea that includes amnisty porgrams that anger much of the country. House Republicans who disagree with this approach favoring instead border protection first and then dealing with employers and illegals already here as individual issues forced the Senate to yield and thus the Border Fence bill passed both Chambers. While many argue that this fence will never be built, there is a 1.2 billion dollar allocation in the Homeland Security budget to start the fence and the next Congress will allocate funds as necessary for its completion. Another aspect of this debate is the idea by many Democrat leaders to allow illegals to register to vote and have drivers license along with eligability for all social programs and in-state tuition discounts for college. This would provide the Democrats with a dependent constituency from illegals which is the true goal for these proposals. Republicans in the House are also looking into employment enforcement provision which too will force the Senate to compromise. House GOP members have consistantly been tough on illegal immigration and their stance has re-directed the Republican position and also forced many Democrats to follow suit. Most House Democrats especially the leadership, favor the much weaker Senate proposals.

    The Economy - Wayne Rogers know best as Trapper John of Mash and a well known liberal Democrat has become a sought after financial investment advisor because of his success as an investor. Rogers recently admitted that if the economy was the major voting issue that one would have to vote Republican because of their handling of the economy and the phenomenal growth that has taken place under GOP leadership. While Democrats have attempted to portray this economy as a disaster the evidence proves otherwise. Unemployment is at its lowest point in decades. Jobs are being created at a record pace and the country has been at what is considered, "full employment, " 5% or less for more than two years. Economic investment is also at record levels with the Dow reaching a historic high several times in the last few weeks and continues to remain strong. Consumer confidence continues to remain strong as Americans realize the reality of the strength of the economy. While the deficit is still a problem it too has been reduced by half and that well ahead of projections which also testifies to the strength of the economy. Republicans reduced taxes and favor making all tax cuts permanent while seeking further reductions which spurs economic growth. Democrats have called for repealing all tax cuts as well as instituting new taxation and their efforts in Congress are the reason that the current cuts have not become permanent.

    Though there are still several reasons why I disagree with the GOP they offer the best leadership for this nation for all of the reasons that I have stated above and for personal moral reasons which I will not mention but those who understand the conservative view point will realize. When we step into the voting booth and exercize our Constitutional privilege on Tuesday I will vote GOP and urge others to do the same but regardless of how you vote make sure to find time in your hectic schedule to take the few short minutes it takes to cast your voice through your vote and show the world the greatness of our Constitutional Republic.

    Ken Taylor

    posted by The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth
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    Re: Republican, Democrat ? Why I'm Voting GOP

    Well, bully for Ken Taylor. Who the heck is he, the website doesn't enlighten us?

    Lady Mod

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    Re: Republican, Democrat ? Why I'm Voting GOP

    Undecided right now.
    Guess I better make up my mind soon:0

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