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Thread: Beware

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    Beware if you recieved this spam email. I smell a rat:

    "Refinance Rate: 4.43%* - $350,000 loan for $579 a month - Bad credit OK
    visit us
    preceded it, were familiar to them. as it was certain, however, that somebody was coming, bingleyseldom went away without leaving them more dispirited than she found them."

    If you click on their link, you will be fowarded to http://echols.ui732.com

    They will ask you to fill in your private infos. Please be careful as they don't have any solid infomation and contact. I also found out they have a few clone sites with the same content.

    No matter how desperate you need cash... please do a check, search or ask around before you summit any private infos to these unknown sites.

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    Re: Beware

    Alert! Beware of this site!

    I got Super Bomb Spam by many different idiots directing me the same stupid site http://www3.goneplus.com

    They will use something like this

    http://www.geocities.com/sywow53387 to send you there to fill up your personal info. Do not fall into their tricks.

    Below are just a few of the super spammer:

    Phil Holloway, Neil Fletcher, Jeremiah Gagne, Margaret William, Jannie Crowe, Judy Huff, Frederic Orr, Jackie Kuhn, David Downing, Walter Ponce, Jeanne Lott, Walter Ponce, Bonita Mays, Josephine Moreland, Dee Link, Thaddeus Mayes, Tristan Dean, Erika Key
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    Sample of scam spam email:

    second notification Bowman

    This arrangement will only be offered to you one
    last time.

    We'd like to thank you again for your inquiry last
    We have been just been advised that two private
    lenders are interested
    in offering you a deal.
    Remember, for this special offer past credit history is
    not a factor.

    In accordance with our terms please verify your
    information on our
    secure, private site to ensure our records are


    Have a Wonderful day.

    --Danielle Crump
    Senior Business Consultant

    His efforts towards peace rewarded him; he was
    declared Jamaica’s “Man
    of the Millennium” and his album Exodus was given
    the honor

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    This morning I got super spam again, all leading me to this site http://www.lessess.com/HassleFree

    It looks like a friendly, so call spam
    free site and even comes with affiliate ID http://www.lessess.com/9x , but who knows what's hidden behind the closet. By going through their contact list, I found out that some of these spammers are actually the same idot that sent me http://www3.goneplus.com
    Will KIV!
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    Ha! Both are fake? So which is which? You be the judge.



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    Another clone scam site

    Here is another one:


    Some of the links leading to these sites had been reported and taken down.
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