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    How BushCo & Neo-Cons Suckered Us Into Iraq-Nam

    How did the United States get into the Iraq mess, which has claimed the lives of more than 2,800 U.S. soldiers and possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis? What went wrong with Washington and what can citizens do about it?

    Part of the answer to what went wrong is that the normal checks and balances - in Congress, the national news media and the U.S. intelligence community - collapsed in the face of Bush's determination to invade Iraq. Pro-war neoconservative opinion leaders also acted as intellectual shock troops to bully the few voices of dissent.

    Now, the Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a post-mortem on how the INC influenced this life-and-death debate. The report reveals not only specific cases of coached Iraqi "defectors" lying to intelligence analysts but a stunning failure of the U.S. political/media system to challenge the lies.

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    Re: How BushCo & Neo-Cons Suckered Us Into Iraq-Nam

    war is biggest business proposition for these thugs murder is big business, i read at this forum how much money the bush dynasty has into the miltary and defense contractors even uncle bucky is making a killing. i come to the conclusion it is how much money they can profit from these wars, they make up all these pretexes and then zoom right in, they dont care who dies as long as money is hot in their pockets, they dont need the oil, because US mostly imports their oil consumption from canada and other countries, and how many times have we read it is a way for bush to be a dictator over the American people to have a fascist state. it is to bring in the new world order, he has got to lie cheat and borrow to get where he is today and the congress are in a trance and follow him or else he could whipe them off the face of the earth. Stay the course, sure, keep raking in all those stock monies all of them are corrupt for murdering millions and he is going to do the same with IRAN, a country that does not have nuclear bombs, but Israel and Pakistan have them nuclear bombs but he wont attack those countries, If only CHINA did not loan them the money but China has to they are forced to or else... think deep

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