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    Worldprofit,over 60.000 members paying $ 1,199.00 each,are providing
    the Harvard educated Canadian founder with a very comfortable living.
    Multiply the figures, and better yet, try to leave the program.
    Somebody came up with an exact analogy,unfortunately I am unable to find it.
    Can you repeat?

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    Re: worldprofit

    Simply Stay Away...they Are Robbers And Liars...they Take Your Money Over And Over Again...if You Want To Go Broke Then Worldprofit Is For You...good Luck..cya In The Soup Lines

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    Re: worldprofit

    How Do You Know It's A Scam ?

    Leo / Los Angeles



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    Re: worldprofit is involved in identity fraud

    they took 3 months of silver packaged i ordered and closed my silver package and took my moare going to cope ney still

    Also they going to owe me twice the money involved in my identity stolen, because they are advertising my personal details on their website plus twice the legal bills, not just lant Sandi and george, all other dealers are gonna suffer badly with FBI investigation against them, involved with identity fraud agaisnt me.

    Next week i will find out if my credit card has gone under 0, since it has over 500 dollars in front<< my own money

    If someone buys a house under my name with a 2 million dollar house, Worldprofit will pay this back, plus my personal heartache that this ever happened.

    If you want proof, emaill me for the details where it can be found.

    Also they mention for other people to email me, without my permision with my email written on their webpage

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    Re: worldprofit

    Dr. Jeffry Lant has been around a long time as has WorldProfit. You can get some of his books through your local library. They're not terrible, but from someone with his educational background they really aren't very impressive either. Nowhere near the quality of say Direct Marketing by Ed Nash which is used in many College and University courses (although that books' section on Internet Marketing isn't very good - but the other sections are exceptional).

    One thing I noticed about WorldProfit is that they've used Ranking.com to measure their website popularity.

    Ranking.com is based on downloads of the 7Search Tool Bar...from the Ranking.com site:

    "Using its sister service BrowserAccelerator (a BestSearch.com and 7MetaSearch.com search solution) and sister company LinksToYou.com to determine website ratings by measuring the unique visitors, page views and link popularity of a website."

    In fact, the rankings of Rankings.com are notoriously inaccurate - in general significantly more accurate than Quantcast.com or Compete.com

    The Quantcast.com ranking shows them ranked #238,156 (Note: Katie's site is ranked 84,182).

    They fare better on Compete.com which shows them getting approcimately 50,810 unique visitors per month - although according to Compete 17.39% of those visitors come from people searching on the term "I need $500 now" and 14.39% of the visitors came from searches on the term "alcohol related fetal problems" which lands them on this page:
    Alcohol related fetal problems page which makes me wonder which of their designers designed THAT page?

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    Re: worldprofit

    Quote Originally Posted by justtoomuchtime View Post
    In fact, the rankings of Rankings.com are notoriously inaccurate - in general significantly more accurate than Quantcast.com or Compete.com
    Just a correction to that part of my reply - that should have read "significantly LESS accurate than Quantcast.com or Compete.com

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    Re: worldprofit

    i cannot see all of their website under ip address 216.-.-.- so i blocked all traffic coming from this address. since then i dont see them, i surf their exchange and dont get that extra 20 gig's of usage

    Also that i cant see their webpage, also affect their ranking like 10 thousand to 100 thousand extra ranking place, since all of my 3 ip addresses from different isp are blocked, that makes a big difference if they block everyone and can fall below 2 million like jeffs website

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    Re: worldprofit

    actually if you join their dealer you will get up to 19,000 number in membership which is in ascending order. Let say 1% are still members if they are lucky to have that many people still have heart and no brain in worldprofit to stay

    That leave only 190 people paying 100 dollars to the company

    $19,000 + they are scamming from each other and the rest of the people on the internet

    also 270,000 people have joined their assiciate program, 70 thousand since i looked at them 6 months ago, and i was like member 17,000 plus, that 2 thousand people they sucked in

    Lol i can still access my assiciate membership, but the only problem i dont get to see their webcast and live business center crap.

    Which mean if a hacker or spammer or insulter or questioner logs onto worldprofit, if they hack an account they can have control of that members account.

    I had my account hacked into several times, and my worldprofit web pages ruined and i ask about this and my money back and they said stiff shit basically and i was not getting my money and i wrote about them and they acted really illegal and banned my ip address.

    So if you want a heart attack and want to die young from stress, join world profit for 50 years plus right now.

    If you want peace and love in your life, banning entrance to worldpofit will make life for everyone so great

    Remember you can still join their crappy 20 income stream for free, thats right for free without even paying or signing up as an associate memmber

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