Now there's a thread that gets your attention.

IF you're familiar with Clickbank you'll like this.

That latest dirtbag trick is taking place now on Google Adwords.

CB affiliates are running an ad under the domain name of CB sites and putting registered trademark and official site in their ad. This way when someone searches a company right before they buy the product, they see this ad. IF they click on it to place their order (which they should because it says official site) the affiliate who first got the prospect to the site won't receive credit.

What a screw job. Just look at this site as an example. If you were to click on the top ad in this Google search it would put you through a hoplink.

If you promote CB products and saw a drop in sales, look to see if you're being scammed by who you're spending time and money on trying to help.

Not only did I see this go on with Adwords Miracle when it first came out, it's going on with a number of different products now.