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    Tahitian Noni International

    Tni is a wonderful, very lucrative home based business. Have been in it for a while, definately worth every penny of the investment.

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    Re: Tahitian Noni International

    Put this in the MLM forum with the other fruity snake oils.

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    Re: Tahitian Noni International

    Quote Originally Posted by dr poormouth
    Put this in the MLM forum with the other fruity snake oils.
    Mr poormouth, if this comment is no interest to you, I respect that, but do not badmouth anything that apparently you lack the knowledge of or something you may not have been very fond of. If you did try it, it may not have satisfied your taste buds, but do not talk down something that may be beneficial to others, just because you feel it serves no purpose to yourself, if you have even tried it for yourself and if you did try it and did not care for it, that is fine for you and is respected as your opinion, but it does not change the fact that it does what it says it will do and is beneficial to thousands who have actually tried it and utilized it for the purpose that it was intended for. The taste is strong, but not unpleasant, neither does it have anything to do with the fact that it is a wonderful business. Furthermore, the income has allowed me to work the business fulltime. If you are self employed or retired, as I am, great for you. Once again, this is a wonderful business opportunity. ;)

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    Re: Tahitian Noni International

    Actually, it's already there.

    Sounds incredibly nasty.

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