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    What Happen To.......

    What happen to the I Give Away Money website. Their URL brings up a totally different website.

    What's the head's up on IGAM :confused:


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    Re: What Happen To.......

    I can imagine they scammed so many people that they decided to change their image :D

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    Re: What Happen To.......

    According to the business owner the plug was pulled by his ISP because the business did not meet certain legal criteria, which was of course denied.

    You can find all the 'facts' here, http://stopbeingavictim.com/help/index.php

    Personally, I think it had run out of steam, and had to find a new income source, which is http://onlinebusinessalliance.com/asc/

    Note how many differences there are between the two perfect businesses. :)

    And, before anybody asks, yes I was one of those who defended IGAM, until the bombshell, and now I have dropped them quicker than they dropped me.

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    Re: What Happen To.......

    what bombshell?

    what is bad about the CEO or the company?

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