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    Re: Democrats on Iraq War

    Quote Originally Posted by rustupid
    Only a total and complete fvcking blithering azzhole of mind boggling dimensions who is scraping the bottom of the right-wing cesspool so desperately that he's cutting through the bottom with his fingernails would dare post unmitigated bullsh!t like this.

    Unfortunately, it's all to common from the type of far right-wing subhuman odious garbage that has turned a once honorable organization, the GOP, into an incubator of twisted degenerate psychopaths, sex criminals and generally un-balanced and metally diseased miscreants.

    The psycho-b!tch even had to retract her comments and they were struck from the official record as she was forced to apologize.

    But that's exactly the kind of feculent trash "stupid" identifies with and how far gone he really is.

    "Hey "stupid". You are really sad and stupid . You're even more of a loser than I thought.... And that's saying something.


    If you missed your CINCINNATI ENQUIRER yesterday you might not be aware that Mean Jean Schmidt is likely to have a Republican challenger for her seat.

    Local southwest Ohio Republicans, the national party and the congressional leadership are all embarrassed by the freshman imbecile who was caught lying about highly respected and highly decorated ex-Marine Jack Murtha, claiming that one of her political cronies, Danny Bubp, had called Murtha a coward.

    Schmidt was immediately boo-ed off the House floor, forced by the House GOP leaders to apologize-- and, to top it off, the much discomforted Bubp promptly claimed she made the whole thing up and that he had never even had a conversation about Murtha with her. Then the crazed Schmidt was exposed as a crack wh0re by KGO Radio and she has, more or less, been in hiding ever since.

    Yesterday the ENQUIRER reported that former Republican congressman Bob McEwen is being urged to challenge her in the upcoming primary. (He lost a primary battle with Mean Jean last time, but that was before she appeared on the House floor wearing an American flag tablecloth and screaming wildly, some say insanely, at one of the most respected and admired members of Congress.

    Schmidt, one of the least admired members of Congress, refuses to say where the infamous tablecloth-dress that she wore when she was booed off the House floor is. "It's in 'the cupboard.' I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it," she answered mysteriously when a reporter found her recently.

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    Re: Democrats on Iraq War

    Keep in mind, Saddam has nothing to do with 9/11. Out country is in the worst shape it has been in since....??? Maybe ever, considering how much we should be able to flourish at this point in time!!! George Bush is probably the worst president ever; he's a crook and an ignorant person. Sure, other presidents have made mistakes; but not THIS many! I hate republicans anyway, but even if I was for SOME reason republican I'd change my mind after what he's done to our country. People complain about Clinton's private matters but that was no one's business and who cares anyway! The country was doing GREAT! I wish he could stay our president til he dies; I'd vote him back in tomorrow!

    Watch this video too; and keep in mind that just because someone is the president doesn't make them incapable of evil or manipulation and it doesn't make them a good person. People think because he's the president; the information in this link isn't possible - but the fact he IS the president and has access to info, people, and resources that we are not is what makes it HIGHLY POSSIBLE. And some things in it are recorded evidence anyway. Don't be NAIVE!!


    Quote Originally Posted by rustupid View Post
    Madeleine Albright, Clinton's Secretary of State said Saddam had WMD before Bush was in office!

    President Clinton said Saddam had WMD before Bush was in office!

    Sandy Burger, Clinton's National Security Adviser said Saddam had WMD before Bush was in office!



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