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    ok people recently i have a good question to ask and hopefully get the answer in which i look :confused: . recently i have been injured on the job :eek: , a 3.5 inch nail was shot and lodged into my elbow at a 45 degree angle piercing the 3 bones including the ball that make up the elbow. it was surgically removed, now im kinda ok but i can no longer build houses, due to my injuries, which is my career.i have been stick framing houses since 97 and know nothing else. so this led me here wondering what i was to do for my future.. ive been scouring the internet for awhile now looking for a good home-based internet money making deal. and i keep seeing scam after scam after scam, so which one is not a scam? can someone help me find a wway to financially support my growing family?
    also secondly i have another question? about this web site called www.automatedleverage.com is it for real or not?? i found it on the top 3 web sites here in scam busters for making money at home, and im assuming if it is in here that it is a good place to m ake mo ney surely this being a scam buster web site that they would not promote a scam?

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    Re: www.automatedleverage.com

    oh yeah feel free to private message me im gunna be checking this board alot this week .

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    Re: www.automatedleverage.com

    Usual "get rich quick scheme". Forex is a risky market and should be played very very carefully. No "automatic income" there.

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    Re: www.automatedleverage.com

    Quote Originally Posted by borisf96
    Usual "get rich quick scheme". Forex is a risky market and should be played very very carefully. No "automatic income" there.
    Forex is beyond a risky market. 99% of those who trade it are get wiped out fairly quick or are left on the hook owning more money than they even started with.

    The risks of trading currency are extremely down played because the compnaies involved in stringing new people into the field can make a fortune using their money without their knowledge. What you're refering to is the SPOT Forex market. It's very different than the Forex market.

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