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    $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    Let me tell you- I won't be doing any more free gift card offers. This really caught me off guard and I am at a loss as to what to do about it.

    I signed up for a free trial of Video Professor on the following site, which stated that I would receive a $100 Walmart gift card for doing so. Web address showed as:

    The offer/web page mentioned above showed up immediately after I signed up for BlockBuster Online, and at the top of the page it said "Thank You. Your Blockbuster Order has been received!!" I signed up for Blockbuster Online via a link provided by http://www.yourgiftcards.com which should get me a $50 KMart GC.

    After signing up for these, I received and e-mail from "[email protected]", which was a blank email with a subject "Congratulations, you are on your way to your free gift". I was able to obtain an embedded message with a web address out of the 'full headers' as Yahoo Mail calls it. This web address was to check my account status and automatically populated my e-mail address, but returns a response that it could not locate my e-mail address in it records.

    From: "modpath.com"
    Subject: Congratulations, you are on your way to your free gift

    You are on your way to receiving your free gift. To track your status, please use the provided link and the email address you signed up with to sign in.

    http://www.modpath.com/[email protected]

    Best Regards
    Support Team

    I have e-mailed every e-mail address that I can find related to the above mentioned companies and called Video Professor to track where the commissions were paid to. So far no e-mail responses, no luck "finding" my e-mail in their database, Video Professor cannot find any contact info on the company, and I cannot access the sponsor's web site other than the exact link to "Check account status."
    Try: modpath.com

    What I believe to be true: "modpath.com" is an i-dealdirect affiliate, as is WebRewardsCentral.com Account status login pages look very much alike.

    Does anyone know anything about this sort of issue, or have any suggestions for me? It's been a month, I have gotten no where, and I want my $100!

    Thank you all for your help,

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    Re: $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    I expeinced the same thing i was vey upset at myself for falling into such a scam! did professor refund u? did u recieve any other gifts? also have u had trouble with ur credit card? giving them my credit info is what scares me.

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    Re: $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    No trouble with my credit card. You can bet I've been watching it closely.
    Yes, refund from professor for item, not shipping to me ($6.95) and or back t them (about $4).
    The last information got was to write a letter to the CEO of Video Professor and it would be forwarded to the commission ayout department to find out who got paid. When did you sign up and do you recall any other details? If you have proof lets look into a lawsuit. I'M SO FURIOUS! I have not yet sent a letter to Video Professor though, I guess I was waiting for someone else to be behind me.

    Thank you for replying, and I look forward to investigating this more for both of us.


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    Re: $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    I guess I'm not the only idiot out there. I just did this thing-trial offers and I hope I don't get burned too badly. I tried to check my status (modpath.com etc) and of course, I got a blank page. So.......................
    I will have to wait and see what happens to my credit card. Thank goodness I have a really low limit so some may not go through. I will add more to this scam stuff later as I hear more.
    mousers :)

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    Re: $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    I filed a complaint with the FBI Internet Crimes Unit, but got no response.

    If I were you I would cancel any orders that have been placed and notify them of the scam immediately. I took too long and this fraudulent company got the comissions from the "offers" that I completed and all I got was a bunch of shipping charges and a headache.

    If you believe it is too late, then please do post back with responses. Please let me know what e-mail addresses send you info correspondence, might want to add modpath.com and i-rewards.net to your address book/filter, or turn off your spam filter, so you know you'll get any e-mails that they send you.

    What gift did you sign up to receive?



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    Re: $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    If you want to join me in fighting these thieves, please visit the FBIs Internet Crimes Complaint Unit at the following address, and reference my name and IC3 complaint number and this scam.com thread near the end of the form under "other victims":

    Complaint Form: https://complaint.ic3.gov/Default.aspx
    Complaint ID: I0701251720116602
    Name: Benjamin Helvie
    Scam.com Thread: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?p=343003#post343003

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    Re: $100 Walmart GC from modpath.com?

    I found this advertising scam using mafia wars on myspace.

    I have so far sent emails to zynga and pillsbury.

    The site is featured on mafia wars as a way to get more respect points.

    Mine started as a simple "complete this sneaker survey" to receive 11 respect points.

    An hour later after pages and pages of garbage I had signed up for all kinds of crap that I had no interest in just to get my points.

    After finally getting my points I started blasting emails to any advertisers I could find using the site.

    I suggest you email walmart customer service directly.

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