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    Halliburton Watch


    Many companies have made billions off this "War on Error."
    The Federal Reserve,
    devised by a bunch of globalist private bankers on Jekyll Island in November 1910 and fully
    implemented into law in 1913 even though that law, The Federal Reserve Act, actually breaks
    the constitution as ruled by the Supreme Court no less than eight times since 1913, the IRS
    still busts people illegally and makes them pay income tax - illegally, by ignoring the Supreme
    Court in the lower courts, where common offences, like not filing a 1040, are heard.

    Watch Aaron Russo's film "America: Freedom To Fascism" for all the facts about this.

    The steamroller of globalistaion continues onward, I mean, without the Federal Reserve
    printing too much money therefore de-valuing that money, there would not have been
    any depression - without the depression the weapons companies maybe wouldn't have
    needed to make a quick buck, without the war, there would be no centralisation of control
    (or at least no excuse for the centralisation of control) and without centralisation of control
    we would not have the CIA, or United Nations, or any of the other FRONT organisations and
    agencies that spang up solely because of the war and are now, it is being proven over and
    over again, turning out to be what I just said, total front companies, totally corrupt, there to
    protect terrorists just the same way as our MI6 protects terrorists, like for example Haroon
    Rashid Aswat, the mastermind of our 7/7 London bombings who just-so-happened to be a
    double agent working with MI6. Hell, the FBI even wanted him and MI6 said no you can't
    have him!

    Yes folks, the United Kingdom is just as corrupt as the United States, if not worse,
    where do you think the United States IMPORTS its corruption FROM in the first place?!

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: Halliburton Watch

    the official war was won already, but now theres a nationalist war thats has just began... did you know half of the freedom fighters in iraq are from saudi arabia? i predict this fight will last over 10 years, iraq is too valuable in resources
    its not easy to win an urban war, just like Vietnam, the concrete jungles of iraq will be costly, a solution is to gradually kill everyone there, the vaccine program is a start,
    do you support the talmud jews?
    you cant be patriotic and ignore israel, your countries taxes sure dont. why is it that 8 million dollars are given to them every day?? me thinks your going to lose a long term war for israel

    It seems to me that for the average Iraqi the place
    was a lot more "secure" and stable than after you guys
    "liberated" them.
    You HAVE lost the war , you did the second you went
    there and stole their oil and destroyed the infra-structure.
    Your country is run by a thief posing as the winner of a fair
    election ,a man who is an insult to democracy and the laughing-stock
    of the world , a man that didnt even know there is
    Sunni and Shia muslim , your approval-rating has never been lower
    worldwide....and the Chinese are laughing while they count their dollars...

    That video says...

    1 - Iraqi children are now vaccinated against Polio. The problem is,
    what's in the vaccine? It is admitted that in the USA they put mercury
    in the vaccines, which causes autism. Also the company "Bayer" also
    admittedly mixed AIDS infected blood with its normal blood, they could
    not offload it in the USA so sent it to France. If you live in France and
    need a blood transfusion, god help you!

    2 - Iraqi children now have textbooks. What are those textbooks teaching?
    That you should just lie down when another country comes to invade yours?
    That you should pay interest on loans? That everone should be armed so they
    can "defend" themselves, doesn't matter that every single person has a gun
    because hey, they can "defend" themselves, yeah, really makes sense.

    3 - 33,000 new businesses started up in Iraq. Nice, but what they don't tell
    you is where there was no TAX or usury (interest on loand etc) before - now
    Rothschild and Co banking cartel are going to get a cut of every single one of
    those businesses!

    4 - 150 newspapers discuss political events "freely". Now I am beginning to get
    annoyed - the Pentagon itself admits that it owns journalism in Iraq. Let me say
    that again - the Pentagon admits that it owns, totally, 100%, the press in
    Iraq. Its not some theory when they admit this fact themselves now is it?

    5 - The ambassador who has had 30 assassination attempts, but oh isn't he
    so brave... no he is NOT WANTED THERE if he has had 30 attempts made
    on his life FFS!!! Take a f**king HINT!!! Then the video tells us the ambassador
    says "Theres nothing greater than serving my country" but he isn't serving "his
    country" he is just serving the same gloabalists the entire newly formed Iraq
    Government is serving. I guess he gets paid a lot of money or something, after
    all the big bankers do have trillions stashed away from all the other wars and
    revolutions they have devised over the last 200 years.

    Theres more real politics in the f**king muppet show than there is in the current Iraq Government.

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    Re: Halliburton Watch

    Shame.Whatever happened to shame?Lets bring it back.

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