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    More Government oppression - girl gets £75 fine for no reason

    An actual news story from my local paper.

    Just to let any would-be doubters know, it is
    just as ridiculous in my own country as it is in

    Next I will see "Man gets caught drinking water, £40 fine"

    The way it should work, your kid does something that breaks
    the law, the police bring them home, you give them a clip
    around the ear and thats that.

    But it does not work that way anymore. Now, the parents are
    in total disagreement with what is happening in 100% of
    these cases.

    This is typical media spin. Notice the massive headline,
    "Girl fined £75 for dropping lolly stick" but notice that
    it says "dropping" there OK. Then this very same story
    in this same paper, yes this very story, says the girl actually
    had the lolly stick on a wall next to her. She was sat on a wall
    and put the stick there. Then she jumped up because she saw
    her friend and thats when the warden fined her.

    So the newspaper, by its own admission, is lying.

    I think these things are based solely around the "vote" thing,
    look at the story, it asks whether you agree if the girl "should"
    have been fined when in reality, the parents themselves disagree
    with this type of "punishment" because it is not even a punishment.
    This is done to cause a 50:50 split and boom, the idea, the concept
    of such totalitarian control is born and manifests in peoples minds.
    Then... after a while our Government come on saying "we have come
    to a compromise" when in reality we one hundred percent did not want
    what they initially proposed... this is their "illuminati" or illusionary
    aspect I think, the rotton bastards have been doing this to us for
    centuries. Keeping everything as black + white all the time.
    Come on out brains must be grey for a reason! Because they see
    everything? Or should, but get de-activated by the way this world is,
    so we can never work it out, not quite.

    Its the same with speed cameras. I was never asked whether I wanted
    this to happen in society as I am sure no other citizen of England was
    ever asked that either, we voted these people in and they just run amock
    with their extremely oppressive legislation.

    I am asking a serious question when I ask how has the Government
    managed to pull this off? Not the lolly stick thing I mean the entire trick?

    The Government started out with the public having the Government as
    its servant, we can all agree on that. Now, how has it become a mirror
    image of this? The irony to it is, we still think we have some sort of
    control over our own lives.

    We do not have any control over our own lives anymore.
    People think voting these goons in might change something,
    yes, it changes the guy, but he along with all his predecessors
    answer to people we do not even know the identities of, they
    certainly don't answer to the public, but that is exactly what
    the Government is supposed to be founded on - that they
    answer to us and only us, that we tell them what to do and
    jail them and fine them for their corrupt activities if they
    engage in any. Sorry but that might be happening in another
    universe but it sure as hell ain't happening here on Earth in
    any country.

    George Orwell said this would happen... and it has.

    Read the headline, then the first sentence.

    Just liars, its right there.

    Why are we being PERSUADED to be slaves?

    You'd think in any normal world any media
    we have would promote all freedom, not lie
    about it and boldly say "dropping" a lolly stick
    then in reality, she just had it next to her on
    the wall she was sat on.

    Oh man, how do I become a lawyer?!

    The real headline should be...

    More Government oppression - girl gets £75 fine for no reason

    the girl should say right
    away "under what law are you fining me?" and make them
    dig out the law.

    Americans do that with income tax when the IRS is after
    "the rings off your f**king fingers" as Bill Hicks once put
    it and there is no law in the USA that says it is illegal not
    to file a 1040 tax return. God damn it you guys are lucky
    over there - sixty million US citizens (who work btw) do not
    file their 1040 or pay income taxes. Over here we do not
    get the choice, it is deducted from your earnings before
    you even receive your earnings.

    If I was the girl with the lolly stick I would counter sue
    them if there isn't any law. What if I went to a guy and
    said, give me £80? Thats it - just GIVE ME £80? Thats
    what it seems to amount to, like the Government does
    not have enough money as it is (and just blows it on
    illegal wars in the middle east and failure after failure
    like the NHS, CSA etc).

    Anyone got any millitary grade explosives ?

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    Re: More Government oppression - girl gets £75 fine for no reason

    Okay, okay, we GET it already!

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    Re: More Government oppression - girl gets £75 fine for no reason


    The warden must be some kind of sick bully.

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