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    Has anyone found out if eteam2000 is a scam. My mom gave me this website www.homebiz35.com. She said she knew it would be a real at home business because she heard it on a christian radio station. When I typed in that website it brought up eteam2000. I have ordered the package but I still am skeptical because I've tried home businesses before. Has anyone else here tried this business and had success if so please e-mail me back and let me know.Thanks. :)

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    Re: Eteam2000

    If I remember right, all they do is take your information and send it out all the work at home "opportunity" places. You will probably get a ton of junk mail and spam and you kit will probably include a lot of work at home opps that you can sign up for. Most will probably be scams. Let your mom know that ANYONE can advertise anywhere even on Christian Radio and the stations don't screen the people who advertise.

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