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    horizon technologies llc

    I wanted to take a minute and share my experience with a company that I believe is actually going somewhere. It is Horizon Tech in Tempe, Arizona who sells GPS Systems. Somehow, I got on someone's list and had gotten probably 20 calls from all kinds of internet companies selling internet stores, pharmacy, casino's, porn and on and on. 95% of them were all pressure and no substance.
    So I get a call from Horizon Tech. They called me just as I was headed out the door, they agreed to let me call them back. (No Pressure). I called them the next day after work. They showed me their web-site, how they have been on National TV and several of their distributors were also on TV. I asked for references and spoke to 2 of their distributors. Finally, I called in and listened in on a conference call for their distributors. Noone promised the moon, in fact, everyone I talked to said that what I made would depend on what I did.
    After talking to my wife, I called a couple of guys that own their companies and they said they would be interested in GPS. So I negotiated a better price with Horizon and got into business for $1900. Within 3 days they set me up with my own web-site, brochures, post-cards, business cards, embroidered shirts, a merchant account (even though I have bad credit). It took about 3 or 4 weeks to get my GPS unit (which works great).
    Now I have been working on this for just over 3 months. I have gotten paid twice so far and will have earned enough to pay back my credit card by next month. I lost over $10K in other home based stuff I have tried and this is the 1st thing I know really has real product that I can relate to. I probably won't get rich, but I can see where I'm going with this. I've got several really good prospects for sales and the sales guys at Horizon have really been helpful talking to my clients for me. They have done everything they said they would do so far.
    So, what am I saying? It appears others have not had a good relationship with Horizon, but I have found that my salesman Tay Craig was very up front with me. This is the 4th business I have tried and this is the 1st one I really believe I will build into something.
    If you are considering this business, don't do it unless you are serious about actually doing something. You have to do more than sitting on your butt and complaining when the "magic" checks don't show up. Oh yeah, last thing. I got a call from a guy from Horizon who wanted me to buy $6,000 in advertising about a week after I signed up. He made it sound good, but I didn't want to put any more on my credit card, so I said no. No one has tried to sell me anything else since. Hopefully, next month my credit card will be paid off and I'm in the black! I know that GPS will continue to grow and I'm going to sell it.

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    [FONT=Arial]Yes we stick to this comment. ;)
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